Author Topic: CREDITS: Murs 3:16 Presents: Murs And The Misadventures Of The Nova Express  (Read 590 times)


01. Ups and Downs
Perfomed By Murs Ft Supreme
Produced By Embassy

02. Down In Dena
Perfomed By Murs
Produced By Da Wax

03. L.A. Blues
Perfomed By Murs and Asek Ft Da Wax
Produced By Da Wax

04. Babylon Fall
Perfomed By Murs
Produced By 9th Wonder

05. Interlude
Perfomed By The Y.O.C.
Produced By Dope Pope

06. Free Gear
Perfomed By Isaiah
Produced By Sixtoo

07. Race Day - Skit

08. She Had A Nascar
Perfomed By Murs
Produced By Sam Lobuell & Victor Manzano

09. The Saga Continues
Performed By Asek
Produced By Asek

10. Keep On Lovin Me
Perfomed By Isaiah Ft Murs
Produced By Wild Animals

11. 1st Love
Perfomed By Murs
Produced By Terrace Martin

12. Bang Bang (Remix)
Perfomed By Supereme Ft Murs
Produced By Dope Pope

13. Truth
Perfomed By Supreme
Produced By Dope Pope

14. Untitled
Perfomed By Murs

15. Untitled
Perfomed By Murs


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Props for the credits, a couple more 9th Wonder tracks would have been on point.
I got a bird's eye view