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A Journey into the heart of the British Underworld...
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I'm reading this book and it looks like London and Liverpool are the most drugs infested cities of the U.k.
I knew these cities were full of drugs,like most of the big cities around the world,but from what i'm reading these 2 cities are flooded of every kind of drugs.
It looks like the biggest drug dealers in london are not english,but turks and albanians. Apparently,the Green Lanes area in North London is controlled by a man who, despite being virtually unknown outside Turkish circles, has become to heroin what Escobar was to cocaine. He is known as the Emperor. A drug-smuggler for more than 30 years,the 46 years old Turk has amassed a fortune of more than £10 bilion.
I thought russian mobsters were in control of most of the london areas.....
It looks like in Liverpool there aren't so many dealers from outside u.k, most of them are scousers  :D

However,this book is really interesting!

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