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Aint Nothing Sweet About It
« on: November 26, 2007, 04:45:13 PM »
  Written by Born You Allah   

 Ice Cream

5= Power/Refinement

Power is the truth and the truth is the light. Refinement is to cleanse oneself mentally and physically…to purify.

White, bleached and processed sugar is called ‘refined sugar’, even by health professionals in different branches of medicine. Sugar comes from sugar cane and other fruits. It has been scientifically proven time and time again that it is much less harmful to the body and mind in its natural form…its real form, if you will.

ImageNatural sugar is best obtained through the ingestion of complex carbohydrates: fruits, vegetables, honey, molasses, whole grains, and certain fibers (Stevia being one of the sweetest).  Most so-called ‘refined sugar’ is used in cookies, cakes, donuts, …and most potently in ‘candies’, or ‘sweets’.  Pretty ill how that gets flipped huh? Since when did something get better by being heavily processed and mixed with other chemicals that have nothing to do with it?


Candy (noun): a confection made from sugar often with flavoring and filling.
Candy (verb): (1) to encrust in sugar often by cooking in syrup (2) to make attractive: sweeten
(3) To crystallize: to crystallize into sugar
Sweet (noun): something sweet; candy

Before crack came into the hood, sugar was the drug that sold at the fastest rate on the block-still does. Please believe sugar is a drug,…most accessible to the babies in the form of ‘candies’, or ‘sweets’ legal and cheap...pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters could fill a lil’ brown bag up. Seeds would get up and out early with change they had begged for, stole from tables, counter tops, purses, or pockets to get first dibs on the good stuff in my day.

Sweets were serious business.

The understandings** who played in the same tight circles used it like money. You could trade small toys, baseball cards and other candies. If you did something you know your parents weren’t down with and didn’t want anyone snitching…you could use candy to shut them up, or lie for you even.

ImageNow or Laters were the most popular…pineapple and watermelon flavors, second to them were Jolly Ranchers. The more exotic and outlandish the color and flavor of a candy the more it sold and the more popular it was amongst the seeds.  Things haven’t changed at all really; in fact, there are more poisonous forms of it now for the babies to choose from.

Dr. Gary Null, an aging specialist, in his bestselling book Power Aging: The Revolutionary Program To Control The Symptoms of Aging Naturally states:

“High up on my list of things that will cause cells to be attacked, cause disease, and cause premature aging is this white poison (sugar and its substitutes). I strongly urge you to take action vis-à-vis this “drug of choice”, before it is too late! Sugar is denatured, devitalized and shouldn’t be consumed at all.”

Strange how ‘candy’ and ‘sugar’ are introduced and entertained as a ‘regular’ , even ‘special’ food source when we are beginning to mature physically and mentally…during the time where the most refinement should be occurring as to offset mental and physical complications in later years.



It was know edging the sight of the words above on the screen of my television that sparked me to this particular build on candy and sweets…

The words were in rounded caps, smeared merrily onto the wall of a public restroom Imagewith gunks of human feces outside the notorious ( now defunct) Cabrini Green Projects in the movie CANDYMAN, a classic urban legend –based horror movie written by Clive Barker ( also author of various other bizarre stories, including HELLRAISER) .

The movie had nothing to do with candy.

It was a stale tale about a black man , who during slavery times was an artist who fell in love with one of his white subjects , did the forbidden and got hunted down and dealt with for it ‘Jim Crow’ style, with a twist: instead of being tarred and feathered he was stripped naked, smeared up with honey then left to the devices of a gang of bees…very painful death…one that left his so-called spirit in unrest and vengeful…and still lusting after the Caucasian woman he died over.

Back to the image:

…Flies buzzed around the nasty mess and the over eager heroine of the story covered her mouth quickly with wide eyes, struggling not to gag up something as she did the knowledge on it. Words so innocent and, well, sweet-made into something so ghastly and disgusting.


“…Can I get a snack Dad?”, I hear my son ask carefully off screen.

I was kind of surprised he was even in the living room with me. My Understanding** doesn’t like horror movies at all.

“ What kind of snack SunAsia?”, I asked back wearily, knowing this was going to be the beginning of a long interruption, when it comes to refining the physical though I am always ready to build. It is extremely important…and seeds with knowledge of self can ask a lot of intelligent questions that a parent has to be able to answer factually, and prove efficiently, to rest their case.

Just earlier, before I popped this movie into the DVD player I had got into it with him about finishing his “real meal” , or having a “real snack” before trying to run for “tha sweets”. “Real” ,in my solar and personal cipher, basically means-anything that is “the truth”…that which is of itself-meaning-no dyes, preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors…no artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, refined sugars…no unrelated chemicals ,phosphates, or sodiums.

Yeah,…it’s me , fruits, vegetables, natural juices, ice cream and sherbets, sugar alternatives( like Stevia and Splenda), and whole grain cereal against the world of candy, donuts, chips, pop tarts, pastries, soda pops, twinkies, ho-hos, Suzy Q’s…oh my.

And then on top of that,…apples, oranges, and peaches don’t get cool commercials and comic book ads …toys and games named after them. Nerds, Snickers, Starbursts, and Pop Tarts do though. They spend a lot of money on those commercials too, as well as the ads in magazines, comic books, newspapers, etc.

I have never seen that much money spent to promote healthy “sweets”.Image I remember a time when there were Sun-Maid Raisin commercials coming on…canned fruit cocktail commercials too. Never saw Apple getting some shine…or Mr. Orange busting through a wall in your living room like the Kool Aid dude.

It’s hard to compete with technology and media when trying to control what goes in the mouth of your Understanding**. On top of that, you are not always around to monitor ingestion. The FDA won’t watch your back. The FDA are of the 10%-all they do is make sure you get at least 43% of the correct amount of nutrition you are supposed to have. School systems won’t do it either-more than half of what they serve is poisonous with negative long term effects. Go to the cafeteria at your seeds educational institution and do the knowledge on the ingredients of what they are being served…daily.

It’s garbage.

“A fruit roll up?” my son half begs.

“No-get some ‘real’ fruit.’

My bad…I should have never bought anything other than what was “real” in the first place.


“Why isn’t a fruit roll-up real?”

“Go get the box son.”

This is something I encourage all parents to do-get a list of all the additives, preservatives, dyes and sugar sources from your child’s favorite unhealthy snack and turn it into a science project they will never forget. This could last a few weeks…that’s just how long the list can get and how long the search can go on. It is most necessary in these days and times though to be as drastic as possible when try to deter your seeds from developing bad habits that will disable them long term.

Can’t be the sole controller or ruler of anything when you can’t sit still long enough to complete a thought. I add this on from experience. I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and it was suggested to my old earth* that I be put on Ritalin…let’s do the knowledge on that.

Ritalin is nearly identical to cocaine-the two are used interchangeably in medical research. Like cocaine (and so-called refined sugar), the benefits of the drug are a mirage. Stimulant type drugs simply snuff out vitality curiosity, imagination, and sociability-and replace them with narrowly focused obsessive behavior.

ImageI like most seeds in my hood ate all the sugary cereals, did the pop tarts, the hostess products, and of course, the candies-Lemonheads, Boston Baked Beans, and Chiclets were my drugs of choice then.

My old earth*’s solution though, was the same that most doctors who study so-called “alternative medicines” during that time would be (funny how it is always called an alternative in medical journals when it is not based on man-made chemicals):

Delete the glucose, or so-called refined sugar. Candies and other ‘sweets’ (that are not directly from the earth) pour excess glucose into your blood, triggering the release of insulin, a hormone that lowers glucose. This means that eating a lot of sugar actually lowers blood sugar levels.

This causes aggression, nervousness, agitation and anxiety-all symptoms of ADHD or ADD.

This leaves me to conclude that the above may not be mental disorders (at least not in all cases), but, actually, dietary disorders.


It’s hard to get your understandings off of something you have let them have without the proper discretion for a long period of time…, but there are ways and alternatives. There are so-called refined sugar alternatives, but most are just as bad, or worse than the real thing.  Sucralose (marketed as Splenda), saccharin (marketed as Sweet and Low or Sugar Twin), and acesulfame-K1 (marketed as Sweet one, Swiss Sweet and Sunnett) are all chemical products, meaning, to me, unnatural.

I would suggest Stevia, natural honey, bee pollen, and molasses as “alternatives” to so-called refined sugar. There are no mysteries behind these natural sources if you research places that have them in their organic form(s).

ImageI believe that the babies should begin getting used to these forms of ‘sweets’ in the womb so that they develop a ‘sensitivity’ to any unnatural source, as opposed to a chemical tolerance and an inevitable habit. This can also be maintained as they grow older by only making or stocking households with natural juices, sweeteners, and fruits that are your understanding’s favorites.

Find ways to get them excited about things in their natural state all around-360 degrees. If not, the cycles of inattention and irritation will be perpetuated on for generations to come. We, as Original People, definitely don’t need the 10 % to have more excuses to develop more laws, legislations, and so-called medicines for and against the true elevation of our youth.


“I understand that this isn’t ‘real’ food dad, but why do they sell it to people then?”

“Study your lessons son… Who are the 5%?”


1. Acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free artificial sweetener, also known as Acesulfame K or Ace K (K being the symbol for potassium). It was discovered accidentally in 1967 by German chemist Karl Clauss at Hoechst AG (now Nutrinova)

* - Another name for mother.

** - Another way to say child.

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Re: Aint Nothing Sweet About It
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2007, 05:20:49 PM »
damn yo that was the blackest health article ive ever read. but reminded me of my childhood, everything from getting shot down by mom when asking for candy to having to read what was on the back of the box, to my friends obsessing over sweets (warheads were the big ones for my circle) to that lame ass candyman movie


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Re: Aint Nothing Sweet About It
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2007, 05:33:16 PM »
damn yo that was the blackest health article ive ever read. but reminded me of my childhood, everything from getting shot down by mom when asking for candy to having to read what was on the back of the box, to my friends obsessing over sweets (warheads were the big ones for my circle) to that lame ass candyman movie


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Re: Aint Nothing Sweet About It
« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2007, 03:28:12 AM »
(warheads were the big ones for my circle)

Word. lemon warheads were bomb.

i dont fucks wit white sugar (no racist). prefer brown sugar or natural honey,less shit been done to it/added.