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CREDITS: Outsidaz - The Bricks
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The Bricks
Ruff Life Records

1.    "Intro" feat. DJ Spunk
Produced by Dukewon

2.    "Keep On"
Produced by Rockwilder

3.    "Who You Be" feat. Method Man & Redman
Produced by DJ Twinz

4.    "Interlude"

5.    "I'm Leavin" feat. Kelis/Rah Digga
Produced by Hotrunner
Contains sample of "Torreros" by Armik

6.    "State To State"
Produced by Denaun Porter (D-12)

7.    "Interlude"

8.    "Sign Of The Power"
Produced by Govmattic
Contains sample of "Hard Times" performed by Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band

9.    "Hell Yeah"
Produced by Govmattic

10.    "Rehab"
Produced by Self Service
Contains sample of "The Germans At The Spa" by R. Julia In Nine

11.    "We Be The O's"
Produced by Self Service

12.    "Music" feat. Rah Digga
Produced by Bamba Nazar

13.    "Interlude/Yo Doe Doe"
Produced by Robert "Shea" Taylor and Dewayne Battle

14.    "The Bricks"
Produced by Young Zee

15.    "Money, Money, Money Remix (Bonus Track)"
Produced by Rugged Ness
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