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thanks homies, good tracks!


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here's some old shit for y'all:

KURUPT : Up N Down

damn props for this shit 8)

this sound like Death Row Kurupt :o

anybody know who produced these Gotti tracks?

DPG 4 Life
I Don't Bang No More
I Keep Tryin

"I Don't Bang No More" is like from '93 or '94, it could have been an early Murder Was the Case track, maybe Soopafly or Daz or Sam Sneed had a hand in that one, "Keep Tryin" is an Antra track I think and "DPG 4 Life" as well. Al those tracks are sick and so is this "Up N Down" <-- just heard it for the first time :o


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DAZ, KURUPT, THA REALEST   Because Of You Girl

KURUPT ft. NOREAGA   Freak It Out

KURUPT ft. TQ   Odd Squad

KURUPT, Q, TRAY DEEE   Back On Tha Smash


props Moon 8)

anybody got this track

Kurupt  40'z and Bud 


I found an MP3 of this track...Here you go.

KURUPT ft. MR. GRINCH   40z & Bud


I don't know how you do it MOON but you are the muthafuckin man 8)



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i'm back with another rare track that some of you may never heard of :-)

SHADE SHEIST ft KURUPT - R.I.C.O. Gangstas !


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i'm back with another rare track that some of you may never heard of :-)

SHADE SHEIST ft KURUPT - R.I.C.O. Gangstas !

props man 8)

and to all the Gotti fans

Twisted Smoke

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real talk Twisted 8)

I consider myself one of the biggest Kurupt fans and I didn't know at least half of these songs existed :o

this is the best thread on the forum 8)

Props to both of you 8)

Is there even one Kurupt song we missed (except the couple that Twisted Smoke still needs, listed on the first post of this thread)?
lol, same here. Thanks for those "Space Boogie" cuts Twisted!

Props to BloodMoney JBell Gotti Valentino, and Operation Stackola!!!

In 2007-2008 our Kurupt Young Gotti Collections have exploded out of Control!


KURUPT & ROSCOE   It's Jimmy

JODECI ft. THA DOGG POUND   Come Up To My Room


Moon Knight.
Thanks to You, So many of us have expanded our Kurupt Collection MAJOR!!!
YOU ARE the Undisputed KING Homie.  ;D

here's some old shit for y'all:

KURUPT : Up N Down

I never heard this before.

Huge Props MackEye!

why does the one with Twiztid and Quik and DPG sound all fucked up?

is this the best quality released?

What track are we talking about?

I decided to upload some of these tracks in bigger packs.
Props Booz!  8)
here's a track from that ugly period between Kurupt-Daz beef ... but the beat of this track is banging!

KURUPT - Ride On


Ride On (The Cremation) is fuckin Dope.

Kurupt was straight up Vicious during the second DR Era (2003-2005)

His Vocals, Delivery, and style during that Era were SICK  :o
He displayed a roughness and intensity on the Mic that was different than everything from before.
And Kurupt was more intense and Angry than ever. (Also Meaner than Ever)

On many 2003-2004 Death Row Era Kurupt tracks you can hear him Ripping it with every ounce of energy he's got.
Sometimes to the point he exasperates himself.
There is also a horseness to his voice like he was drinking and smoking WAY TOO Many Cigartettes at the time. LOL
The Horseness is SUPER Noticable on some tracks

A lot more RAW and Unpolished than before but that's one of things I Loved about 1992-1993 Kurupt 8)

Check out these 2003-2005 tracks to see some of what I am talking about:

KURUPT - Ride On (the Cremation)                           (My name for this song is "Pentagon Ride On")

Cock back the Rifles    Kurupt Jayo 40 Glocc

Crip    Kurupt & tha Originals

Speedy aka Gotti Gotti - Gangsta's Roll (Feat. Kurupt)

Messy Marv - What The Homie Provide (Feat. Kurupt)

 8) ;D 8)

No Vaseline Pt. 2 (Dissin Soopafly, Snoop, Daz)
Kurupt kills it! Some Daz's disses would be appreciated.

Yep, More of that Vicious Death Row Kurupt!  8)

Here are two tracks you need to check out:

This is off Don Cisco's 2nd album:

Infra Redd feat. Kurupt: "Keep it Real

Props Young J!  :)

this thread is great but it's kind of hard to follow, wish it was better organized

Homie, I agree and I will try to adress that soon.  8)



DAZ, KURUPT, THA REALEST   Because Of You Girl

KURUPT ft. NOREAGA   Freak It Out

KURUPT ft. TQ   Odd Squad

KURUPT, Q, TRAY DEEE   Back On Tha Smash

And the Homie Moon Knight CAN NOT BE STOPPED!!!

This Guy is the Fuckin MAN!

i'm back with another rare track that some of you may never heard of :-)
SHADE SHEIST ft KURUPT - R.I.C.O. Gangstas !
+ 1 Again MackEye!

And Of Course a Big +1 to the Homies HighEyeCue and D-Nice!

You Guys are Fuckin Dope!   ;D

Okay, It has become obvious that Most of Us are trying to complete Kurupt's Discography.

Most of us organize our music chronologically and Kurupt is an artist who is very different in each stage of his carreer.

I propose this:

All past Contributors come into the thread and EDIT their previous posts to
ADD a year/approximate year or Era the song was recorded next to each track you posted
If you are not sure you can just put not sure or a Date:? and someone else may know

Be careful because some tracks were recorded way before they were ever released.

Here are the approximate Era's:

1992-1995: Chronic/Doggystyle all up to Dogg Food (Various Styles)

1996-1998: Songs with 2pac, late Death Row Up till early Antra (Various Styles)

1999-2001: Streetz is Mutha up till Space Boogie and everything in between (Various Styles)
                  I place the HorseMen Project at th end of this Era right before.....

2003-2005: Modern Death Row Era Kurupt (Originals, War, Agaist Tha Grain, etc.) (Various Styles)

2005-2008 Modern DPG Era (Various Styles)

Many of Us can listen to a track and know what Era it was from but there are 200 other fans that can't.
And with some tracks it is just too hard to determine. 
Let's see what we can do Homies 8)

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Don't Waste Time Hating on Kurupt just because he gets the Appreciation that you think YOUR favorite artist deserves. You should try being more Positive about Life and Post about things that YOU LIKE instead of Whining Like a BITCH. Convert All That Hate into Positive Energy to Promote YOUR # 1 Artist. MUTHAFUCCA!

Mr Wicked

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Here are some tracks

Corporate Thugs feat. Chyna Whyte & Kurupt - Bust Yo' Ass {2002}

Kurupt feat. II Untouchable - Untouchable {2003}

Red Cloud feat. Kurupt - Hawthorne's Most Wanted {2007}

Kurupt - Double Up Again {2001}

And here's something special for y'all
some Pre-Death Row Kurupt tracks from 1991

S.O.S. Band feat. Kurupt (3 tracks) {1991}

Here's a list of tracks that I search for
maybe some of you can help

  • Kontraverse feat. Kurupt - Gangsta Shit
  • Canibus feat. Killah Priest, Kurupt & Ras Kass - 2000 B.C. (Emphasys & Elixir Remix) || 2000
  • Rhyme Poetic Mafia feat. Ice-T & Kurupt - Word To The Wise | Rhyme Poetic Mafia - The Root Of All Evil || 1998
  • Flexx G feat. Alcatraz & Kurupt - Whole Lot Of Gangstas Die | Flexx G - When Reality Strikes || 1999
  • Deadly Venoms feat. Kurupt, Mic Geronimo, Royal Flush & Trigga - Street Corner | Deadly Venoms, Kurupt, Mic Geronimo, Royal Flush & Trigga - Street Corner (12") || 2000
  • Big Arch feat. Kurupt & Michael Marc - Gotz Ta Fly | Strictly 4 Tha Streets Vol. 1 || 2000
  • Sky feat. Kurupt - Unconditional | Disappearing Acts O.S.T. || 2001
  • Kurupt feat. Tone Toven - Make It Happen | Nuthin' But A Gangsta Party 2 || 2001
  • Roscoe feat. Kurupt - We Riddaz (Unedited Version) | "O" O.S.T. || 2001
  • Squeek feat. Kurupt & Saccz - It'z On U | Squeek - P.M.S. || 2001
  • Sherm feat. Frank Nitti Pimental & Kurupt - Murder Murder Murder | Sherm - Sherm Smoke || 2001
  • Sherm feat. Frank Nitti Pimental, Kurupt & Roscoe - You Don't Wanna | Sherm - Sherm Smoke || 2001
  • Killah Priest feat. Kurupt - Out Tha Spot | Unreleased || 2002
  • Unexpected Arrival feat. Kurupt & Mense - Gangsta Hustler Lyricist | DJ Papa Smirf - The West Is Back || 2004
  • 3 AD feat. Hollywood & Kurupt - The Rumble | 3 AD - Inevitable || 2005
  • Dow Jones feat. Kokane & Kurupt - U Neva Know | Dow Jones - Play Your Position Vol. 3 (Mixtape) || 2005
  • The P Man feat. Bishop Brigante, Kurupt & NaRai Hypnotic - Rappers With Money | The P Man - The Blinding Dark || 2005
  • Yama feat. Kurupt - West Coast | Yama - Amor || 2005
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EASY MO BEE ft. DA NATION, KURUPT   Shits Goin' Down Tonite   (2000)

2PAC ft. KURUPT, BUTCH CASSIDY   Picture Me Rollin (NU-MIXX)   (?)

DZ ft. KURUPT   Let's Ride   (2007)

DZ ft. KURUPT, GAIL GOTTI   Ride On   (2007)

KURUPT   Under Pressure   (1998)
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TWISTED, I'll try to modify some old posts w/ dates, it just may take a little while. Thanks for all the feedback.

 8)  to everyone keeping this thread alive ! GottiValentino, MackEye, Mr. Wicked, J-Bel

I'd prop you if I could...



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Mr Wicked, I got some of the tracks on your wish list which I will upload tonight

For the moment I got: Kurupt & S Bugg - Walk With A Limp

Low Key

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DJ Tomekk ft. Kurupt - Gangstaville III

Half of the song is in German. Kurupt dropped some heat.


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Parlae ft. Kurupt - 3 Wheel Motion (2007)

Kurupt ft. Roscoe - We Ridaz (edited - not sure of year)

Clipse - Breakfast In Cairo (ft Kurupt & Noreaga) (2000)
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I'm looking for Pacewon - What You Know (ft Kurupt & Young Zee) (2002)

Anyone have it?


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I'm looking for Pacewon - What You Know (ft Kurupt & Young Zee) (2002)

Anyone have it?

Since I've been on this forum, I've found 4 new top rappers, awesome forum!

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