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Mikey Mo the MC -- New Video and Album out Now
« on: December 16, 2007, 08:51:04 PM »
Check out the New Hot Video Mikey Mo's Theme the lead single from the Album Focused in Stores Now!!!!


Production from -- Dru (Mitchy Slick, Yukmouth, Bun B), D-Cyde (Ya Boy, Big Rich, Rass Kass, Planet Asia)

3sixty5 Records is proud to present the debut album by Mikey Mo “The MC” titled FOCUSED. In stores December 4th, 2007, FOCUSED features guest appearances by Dap Daniel, Abyss, Tiffany Bradford, Elaine Garduque, and DJ Daeta. The album contains production from D-Cyde, Dru, Abyss, Dap Daniel, and Muse10.

After consistently putting out some of the hottest mixtapes over the past couple of years and creating a huge buzz for himself, Mikey Mo “The MC” is finally releasing one of the most anticipated independent hip-hop albums of the year titled FOCUSED. Drawn from the struggles and sacrifices in his life, this album is full of personal experiences with lyrics and beats that complements each other perfectly. With his debut single, “Mikey Mo’s Theme”, already getting major buzz and play on college radio and in the clubs, his album is guaranteed to leave no one disappointed. FOCUSED is definitely hip-hop in its rawest form. No cookie cutter lyrics or water down beats, just straight raw hip-hop! Finally an album that lives up to it‘s expectations.

FOCUSED features bangin’ production from Dru (Mitchy Slick, Yukmouth, Bun B), D-Cyde (Ya Boy, Big Rich, Rass Kass, Planet Asia), Abyss, Dap Daniel, and Muse10. Other special quests include Dap Daniel, Abyss, Tiffany Bradford, Elaine Garduque, and all scratches by DJ Daeta (Jimi Handtrix Crew).

Mikey Mo may be new to the game but his status as an MC has reached the heights of those established artists that have been around for years. Originally from Queens, NY, Mikey Mo now resides in The Bay Area. He’s made a name for himself during the past couple of years with the release of several mixtapes; HUNGER PAINZ 1 (2005), MUFFIN MAN (2006), and currently HUNGER PAINZ 2 “Still Hungry” (2007), which he collaborated with Dap Daniel. He’s made appearances on several other mixtapes as well, including Dap Daniel – Storm Watch v.1, DJ Deuce Ace – Dear Tara Hill, and Hoeks & Viseone – PlayBay. Other notable projects he’s been on are Abyss’s debut album From Now On, The Muse10 Project, and Xienhow presents The Bay Connect.

In 2006 Mikey Mo got together with Dap Daniel and Abyss and put out an album titled WEST BOUND. Inspired by the West Bound Tour 2005, West Bound was one of the hottest hip-hop albums to come out of The Bay Area in 2006 and it gave Mikey Mo more recognition as an MC. As part of the West Bound Tour (2005), Mikey Mo was doing shows throughout the West Coast with Abyss, Dap Daniel, Artson, & The Jimi Handtrix Crew. Last year he was part of the GCM Tour with Planet Asia, Casual, Rasco, & Flii Stylz. This year he will be headlining The West Bound Tour 2, coming late 2007.

Influenced by many different artists, Mikey Mo “The MC” sets himself apart by being himself and not conforming to the water-down hip-hop we hear today. With 3sixty5 Records behind him one-hundred percent, Mikey Mo will continue to bring that raw hip-hop and establish a new platform for himself.

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