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Hip Hop Truths: An Interview with Reggie Wright Jr.
« on: December 23, 2007, 11:56:24 AM »
Recently the hip hop and rap news sites and other major news outlets have been mentioning the name of hip hop insider Reggie Wright aka Reginald Wright Jr..


It seems that there are some people who feel that Reggie Wright was involved in the murder of the greatest rap artist of all time; hip hop icon Tupac Shakur, back in 1996 in Las Vegas.


This stems from Reggie Wrights connection to Death Row Records and Marion ‘Suge’ Knight (Death Row Records CEO) and Reggie Wrights Wright Way Security company. For a short time Reggie Wright even handled the day to day operations of Death Row Records in Suge Knights absence.


Wright Way Security provided security for Death Row Records and its artists and it was Wright Way Security officers who were suppose to be guarding Pac (2Pac) the night he was shot in Las Vegas.


This onslaught of allegations and attempted character assassination aimed toward hip hop notable Reggie Wright by some is based on no real evidence that Reggie Wright was involved in the murder of Tupac.


Claims have been made against Mr. Wright in a newly released DVD and we wanted to ask Reggie Wright his thoughts and clear up some of the false claims that are being made against him.


I want to thank Reggie Wright for his time and for his candidness in this interview. — First off thank you for taking time for this, I know you are very busy.


Reggie Wright Jr. — Not to busy for you Guys. — To get right to the point, most people who are interested in hip hop in anyway know who you are and your place in hip hop history; but lately some people have been trying to ‘tarnish’ your image and accomplishments with false claims, and so called ‘evidence’ of your involvement in the murder of Tupac Shakur (2Pac).


One of the producers of the DVI) Tupac Assassination told me a while back that controversy sells. Is that how we should look at all these claims and news reports about your involvement In Pac’s murder? Are they Just trying to sell DVD’s?


Reggie Wright Jr. - Yes, But it’s not right when you just out right lie, that’s not controversy that’s a lie. — Are these a bunch of ‘disgruntled’ ex-employees out on a personal vendetta against you and Marion ‘Suge’ Knight (CEO of Death Row Records), or how do you see their caims?


Reggie Wright Jr. — Steroid Frank and Michael Moore trying to make some money. Kevin Hackle must got arrested again and trying to work some time off of his jail sentence. — Their DVD did not reveal any ‘new evidence’ as they claimed In the pre advertising of it, but when you first see it some things spark your interest; but when you look into what they are claiming a lot of It does not make sense or it is things we already knew. Have you seen the DVD?


Reggie Wright Jr. — Unfortunately, but a true Pac fan will not support it or have anything to do with those lying ass B*tches!!! — Has Suge Knight seen the DVD?


Reggie Wright Jr. — No, he refuses to watch it, because he thought he was dealing with professional people! Now he knows Pac (Tupac Shakur) was right when he use to say my guards were more Hollywood then the Artists. — With all the claims being made against you, what would you like everyone to remember or to think about when they read such claims?


Reggie Wright Jr. — Most people don’t know me, because I tried to stay In the background, but those who do know me know this is Frank’s new way of trying to exploit Pac’s life for fame and money!! It bothers me because Pac didn’t like this guy at all!!! — Kevin Hackle claims that he was a FBI Informant or agent or something back when he worked for Wright Way and Death Row Records. As with any major black owned or operated business or organization, (like the Black Panthers and The NOI) there seems to always be a ‘inside snitch’. Did you have any clues that there were those inside Death Row and Wright Way who were reporting on what was going on there?


Reggie Wright Jr. — First of all Kevin was a Compton Unified School District Police Officer big difference then a real Police Officer. So he couldn’t be an agent. Kevin contacted F.B.I. and told them who he was working for while he was under investigation for a federal crime. He made a deal with the F.B.I. to attempt to get out of doing jail time. He was unsuccessful, because he eventually did jail time. So that makes him what he is - a b*tch a** snitch, rat or informant if you want to be nice(but not an agent). As far as the coming and goings, of course Suge and I talked about that concern. We both agreed that we welcomed the extra security to watch over their snitch.


Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the extra security will not react if a situation would occur (evidence in both Pac’s and Biggie’s shootings that additional law enforcement surveillance teams were present) but no reaction. — One of the things that they bring up in this DVD is the Notorious B.I.G murder. If the FBI closed the investigation of that case in 2005 and Hackle claims to be a FBI informer, wouldn’t that make the point that there was no connection to that murder and Death Row? We all know the LAPO has no luv for Suge Knight and if they had one ounce of evidence against Suge then they would have let him know by now?


Reggie Wright Jr. — All the evidence that they have came from lying as** Kevin Hackle and Jail house Rats that are facing life sentences. To a lazy washed up “Red Neck” ex LAPD-Officer named Russell Poole who is as Hollywood as Steroid Frank Alexander and lying a** Kevin Hackle. — It seems you are in a situation where you are being forced to defend yourself against rumors and false accusations, why not file a deformation of character suit against them to end all their claims?


Reggie Wright Jr. —That will be filed shortly against Sprint/Nextel, RJ. Bond and most of all Eye/Con Universal for distributing this lie without checking out the facts. Frank and Kevin ain’t got Shit. Frank living off some old white lady in Norco, California on a Ranch and Hackie working for a security firm named Beach cities protective services in San Pedro, Ca. — How close to Pac were these ‘body guards’ really?


Reggie Wright Jr. —He hated Frank Alexander and Kevin was good for him because he (Kevin Hackle) was scary so he was always pulling his gun out and Pac liked that craziness. — If you did make any mistakes back in 1996, would hiring non qualified people to body guard the most famous rap artist in history be the mistake?


Reggie Wright Jr. — I admit at the end the quality of officers were going down. I had a problem with Police Chiefs finding out their officers were working with Rappers and ex-felons and they where canceling their work permits. Plus Pac (Tupac) would always want to change Guards after a few days because they were getting on his nerves. As you always hear him say “I hadn’t worked with him in about a week”. — Was part of the problem back then with some of the body guards, that they were admired with being associated with Death Row Records and not really focused on their job?


Reggie Wright Jr. — It was always obvious to the artists and Suge that some Wright Way Employee’s were more Hollywood then the artist. Now, I have to admit they were right. — If we could roll back time, what changes would you have made that September night in Vegas?


Reggie Wright Jr. — Well, that’s hard to say because even though we made a lot of mistakes that night (other then staying home) It wasn’t much they could have done to prevent the retaliation shooting from the South Side Compton Crips after the incident at the MGM. But that white Cadillac and its occupants should have all met its maker seconds after the shooting into the BMW. — What do you think Tupac would think about all of this stuff going on and how these guys seem to be using him to make money for themselves?


Reggie Wright Jr. — He’s (2Pac) pissed off because he didn’t know these guys like that, but he’s laughing because he was right about them being Hollywood to Suge and I. Smart and creative people love to be right. — Is there anything you want to add or clear up?


Reggie Wright Jr. - Suge and I had nothing to do with Pac’s Death. That was one of the worst seven days of both of our lives. But we know those of you that want to believe and support this theory are always going to believe what you want. But, I bet you also believe in spaceships, Police don’t lie, Bush didn’t start the war for revenge for his father and oil as well. — Well I understand you are very busy and I appreciate your time to help clear up some of this nonsense. Tell Suge I said ‘Sup’ and please stay in touch and as Pac said ‘Believe in Better Dayz’. The truth always comes out. Much respect


Reggie Wright Jr. - Thanks for the continuous support and Merry X-mas

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Re: Hip Hop Truths: An Interview with Reggie Wright Jr.
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2007, 04:00:38 PM »

I wonder what Hackie's reaction was when Wright accepted the polygraph challenge.

Also found this on ThugLifeArmy, discussing the Tupac Assassination DVD

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Re: Hip Hop Truths: An Interview with Reggie Wright Jr.
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2007, 10:02:42 PM »

I wonder what Hackie's reaction was when Wright accepted the polygraph challenge.

Also found this on ThugLifeArmy, discussing the Tupac Assassination DVD

they dont care....they know they are lying..and will keep doing these publicity stunts
hackie, moore and alexander were beefing with deathrow for years.....and now they found their little way tu hurt them and make money with it at the same time..telling lies about the artist they act they care about so much
the thing is moore hated pac......hackie and alexander didnt protect pac the night he got shot
hackie had something else to do and alexander forgot his gun you can read in his own book before he changed his story to sell this stupid dvd

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Re: Hip Hop Truths: An Interview with Reggie Wright Jr.
« Reply #3 on: December 25, 2007, 06:05:04 AM »
Kevin was good for him because he (Kevin Hackle) was scary so he was always pulling his gun out and Pac liked that craziness.

L O L.

He hated Frank Alexander
but did he reallyl hate Frank? ???


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Re: Hip Hop Truths: An Interview with Reggie Wright Jr.
« Reply #4 on: December 25, 2007, 06:47:19 AM »
Don't Fall for the OKEY DOKE with this DVD...

First off in the first like three minutes of the DVD they have inaccurate information..

"The MAKAVELI album was done in 7 days"

Everyone knows it was really done in 3 days.

If your gonna make a documentary and claim that you got new information etc... don't fuck up some simple ass information that has been around for 11 years. You pretty much discredit yourself by having simple ass things wrong.

Then the body guard in the movie that talks about he wouldn't leave his gun and he was assigned to club 662 that night calls


Yeah you'll really knew these people well. I mean really well.


We all know how much 2pac would talk shit about dr. dre being gay and hanging out with ex male strippers.

WELL the thing about Frank Alexander, ( as if you can't just tell by the way he talks and his mannorizms)


so i don't think 2pac and him would have a relationship outside of a professional one. "I had just seen my friend shot" - frank

Well maybe that was the problem that you were treating 2pac like he was suppose to be your friend and not that you were suppose to be his security and you were suppose to be taking your job seriously not trying to become a celebrity!

And it was your fault that 2pac got shot Frank! You were his bodyguard. Your a horrible bodyguard at that. I guess you skipped the part in the bodyguard manuel that requires you to actually step in front of the gun and take the bullet. Yeah thats the part i think you missed. We know your having trouble taking it like a man and facing the fact that you were partially responsible for not doing your job that night and for 2pac catching a hot one, but hey feminine men shouldn't be bodyguards!

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