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[BWS]Juice Interview, "Vitamin Juice, not Vitamin Water, haha"
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BWS is coming ya all..

Those who cant Hear

DJ Booth: What’s goin’ on ya’ll? It’s your boy “Z,” doin’ it real big, and joining me inside the DJ Booth is an artist who just released his “Death certificate.” Reppin’ Black Wall Street and Phoenix, Arizona, please welcome Juice.

Juice: What’s good with it, Z?

DJ Booth: I’m sippin’ on some juice myself. I’ve always been an orange and apple kind of guy- what about yourself?

Juice: Aw, man, you already know – I got that gin with my juice, you feel me?

DJ Booth: That’s the only way to really, truly drink it. There is a large buzz around your name, but not everybody knows why. So explain what you are all about, and justify why Juice is worthy of such buzz?

Juice: Right now the buzz is so crazy – Game put that stamp of approval on it, you know what I’m sayin’? They’re like, “Who’s this young cat runnin’ around here, cocky, confident, his swag is good, and he’s tryin’ to compare himself to these legends.” [Once] everybody got their mix tape and they started doin’ the history on me, everybody was like, “Yo, I think this young kid is going to be an asset to the West Coast, I’m serious.”

DJ Booth: You have deemed yourself “The New Breath of the West Coast.” I admire your swagger, but we can count on both hands the number of artists who have released mix tapes and made that same claim, only to falter and fall by the wayside. So, how do you know you’re going to keep on breathin’ and breathin’ easy?

Juice: Z, feel me on this – I suffer from something called the Kobe Bryant syndrome. No matter what comes my way, no matter what I’m doin’, no matter what is goin’ on, I’m always gonna drop 81 points a game. Period. And I think right now the type of level I’m kickin’ out for what I represent and what I’m about, I think that people are really starting to believe in that slogan with me. It’s like LA’s been runnin’ the West Coast for the longest – I mean, you got your LA, you got your New York, Atlanta, Miami, and all that. But I’m from Phoenix Arizona, homie, which is aligned to the West Coast. So my whole particular situation is like, it’s a new nigga, it’s a new day, and it’s a new West Coast, and it starts with Juice and it starts with Phoenix, Arizona.

DJ Booth: Anyone who lives east of let’s say Kansas stereotypically considers West Coast hip hop to only be Los Angeles or the Bay. Do people ever question your true affiliation to the West when they find out that you’re not from one of those cities, but instead from Phoenix, Arizona?

Juice: Early on, people would look at me like, “Yo, who is this kid? From where? Phoenix? He said he’s representin’ the West Coast?” It’s like this, man: anything west of that Dixon line is the West Coast. It’s just time for everybody to respect my movement and to respect the whole new West Coast movement, and put Arizona where it needs to be, and that’s right there at the top of the throne with LA.

DJ Booth: What is the most hip hop aspect of Phoenix?

Juice: Phoenix is real, real diverse. We got hoods just like everybody else got. You know, the West Side of Phoenix, the South Side of Phoenix, so it just really depends on where you go. Phoenix is predominantly aligned to the gangsta side of the music, but at that same token, man, Phoenix is the money state. So everything we do out here dealin’ with music, as long as it can generate money and everybody’s up on their hustle, that’s what they’re about.

DJ Booth: My friend lives in Phoenix and he’s told me how rare a large-scale rap concert is in the desert. Was it hard to know that you wanted to be a rapper – you had the talent to do it – but your birth city could actually hold you back?

Juice: You know what? From the beginning people would say, “Hey, Juice, you real real nice – why don’t you fly to Atlanta, fly to Miami? I think you could have a better chance of getting a deal there.” But I knew what it was. I knew one day that I was gonna be a part of the new West Coast movement and be at the forefront for my state, and I’m glad the I believed in doin’ that. Right about now my city is on fire. We got the Super Bowl comin’ up here, in February, next year we got the All-Star game – my city is really starting to get the accolades that it always should’ve been getting.

DJ Booth: I would’ve been more excited about the Super Bowl if my Chicago Bears looked like they had a chance in hell of getting there, but since they don’t I don’t really wanna talk about that…

Juice: Now hold on there, Z – you’re tellin’ me you’re a Bears fan?

DJ Booth: Die-hard, black and blue.

Juice: I got one for you. You know your man Tank Johnson is from Phoenix, Arizona.

DJ Booth: Well, formerly. Tank Johnson – now he’s in Dallas.

Juice: Right. He’s in Dallas now, but before he was in Dallas, he was in Chicago. You know he is from Phoenix, Arizona.

DJ Booth: I have heard such things. You know Tank?

Juice: Yeah. Actually, me and Tank right now is about to line up to do a Super Bowl party out here. So we’re really really gettin’ it poppin’ on a whole ‘nother scale.

DJ Booth: Well, if I’m able to come out to the Arizona area-

Juice: Oh, man, it’s nothing. Let me know. Bottles is on me.

DJ Booth: Okay! There’s a lot of rumors circulating as to exactly how you and The Game were aligned, so why don’t you clear up all those rumors – how did you guys hook up?

Juice: The Game was out in Phoenix workin’ on his album, “Doctor’s Advocate,” with Swizz Beatz. People don’t know that Swizz Beatz owns a nightclub out here and he got a studio. Long story short, I was just goin’ through a time in my life – I just found out I was about to have a son, everybody lookin’ at you like, “Yo, is this music thing gonna pop off ?” I’d just completed one of my street mix tapes, and I went to the club to get me a couple drinks, come to find out that Game was in there with Swizz Beats. Walked up to the little VIP area and his security guard was like, “Excuse me, can I help you?” And I was like, “Yeah, I’m just tryin’ to get in to see The Game.” And the dude was like, “Nah, give your CD to me, I’ll give it to Game.” But if you give it to one person, you’re not sure if it gets to the right person and they might throw it away. So, at that particular time in my life I wasn’t really content givin’ my material to somebody else. Seeing Game get up from the VIP and walk over to the bar, and I took it upon myself to walk by the dude and reach out to him. Game’s bodyguard grabbed my arm in a forceful manner. Now again, before I’m a rapper, I’m a man, you feel me? The tabloids and the media make it seem like I just wild out and just started givin’ the dude the business. A couple blows was exchanged, the cops got called, and The Game kinds looked like, “What the hell is goin’ on?” and I just told him, “Look, man, I’m not here to try to get an autograph, I’m not here hang around and have drinks. I’m a new artist out here, I’m talented, I’m nice, I got my music in my back pocket – if you take it, you take it; if you throw it away, you throw it away. But as long as I know that you got it, I’m solid.” Him and Swizz Beatz, they went to the studio, two days later I got a phone call and a plane ticket and it’s been Black Wall Street ever since.

DJ Booth: If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.

Juice: Hands down, I agree with that.

DJ Booth: Other then being signed to Game’s label, Black Wall Street, one thing that you both have in common is that you sound similar on the mic, do you agree with my assessment?

Juice: Yeah, I think we got similar vocal tones, but I think that once the time comes and people hear me and him back to back and hear me a little bit more, I think that they’re going to distinguish the difference.

DJ Booth: In an industry that’s reliant on artists being able to carve out a specific niche for themselves, does sounding like or affiliated to The Game hinder your chances at all of creating an identity for Juice?

Juice: To an extent it does, but I’m one of them people, like, even though me and him do have similar vocal tones, there’s so much difference. I hope that people don’t necessarily think that I’m gonna be like Game, because I’m totally different than Game. That’s the reason why he aligned me, and put me in the position I’m in: he sees something in me that’s a lot different than a lot of other artists that’s out right now. In due time I think that people will know. I hear it Monday through Sunday, like, “Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to compare you to Game.” I’d rather you compare me to Game, ‘cause Game is a hip hop legend, than compare me to somebody who’s not.

DJ Booth: At any point, hearing this comparison so much, do you get sick of it?

Juice: I do, because, again, even though me and Game do sound alike, we’re totally, completely different, you know what I mean?

DJ Booth: Well, the proof is in the pudding, so as soon as you have music that can be heard on a mainstream level nationwide, I think that comparison might go down the drain a little bit. Let’s talk about this brand new mix tape, “Death Certificate.” Track eight is entitled, “Illest New Rapper Alive.” I want you to define the word “new” for me.

Juice: It’s like this – the industry, to me, is kind of just repetitive. I think that the people who are sellin’ records and the people who are carvin’ it out are from like ten years ago. Like I said, you got your Game, you got your Wayne and your Baby and you got your Ice Cube and Dub-C, but I think that as far as I go, I’m the illest new rapper alive, flat out. I think that my swagger and my pen game are on the level of some of these people who’ve been in the game for at least ten years. I think I just have to step to the table and do my Kobe Bryant thing and let the world know what it is.

DJ Booth: Well, I can’t disagree with you yet, so you got that.

Juice: I appreciate you, homie.

DJ Booth: Through the power of mix tape magic, you’re on a cut called, “Sweet,” with Jay-Z. The definition of a sweet life varies from person to person, and, as they say, “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold.” What is your definition of the sweet life?

Juice: I’m close to the sweet life. I’m not there yet, but like I said, I’ve knocked down the first obstacle, gettin’ me a deal, alignin’ myself with one of the legends in the industry. The sweet life would be the first artist to bring a platinum plaque to my city and state, and share it with everybody around.

DJ Booth: In ‘91, you mentioned his name a second ago, Ice Cube released “Death Certificate,” as you know. Its content was both powerful and racially-charged. Sixteen years later, you’ve now released a mix tape of that same name. What captivating qualities do you feel it possesses similar to Ice Cube’s version?

Juice: The aspect of just bein’ nuts, goin’ out there and puttin’ it out for the people. I believe that 95 percent of the people who come across that mix tape is gonna be like, “Yo, I’m f*ckin’ with his record,” but at the same particular time, even if somebody didn’t like my music, they would have to respect it, ‘cause I’m goin’ out there guns blazin’. That’s something I totally respect from Ice Cube; he went out there and made it happen. He didn’t give a damn about the politics, he didn’t really give a damn about any different aspect but the music, and that’s how I feel when it comes to this mix tape.

DJ Booth: I noticed that you rocked a Boston Red Sox hat in your promo pictures. I assume it’s not because you’re a Red Sox fan, am I correct?

Juice: No.

DJ Booth: Is the ‘B’ gang affiliated?

Juice: Nah. I tell people all the time – people ask, “Is Juice a Blood, is he a Crip? He wears that B hat; I see he got the B chain.” I’m gonna say this live and direct to all the people out there: that B on my hat and that B on my chain stands for boss. I make boss moves in a boss manner.

DJ Booth: You cleared up that for me – do you have any information on Area 51 also?

Juice: [laughter]

DJ Booth: ‘Cause those were my two questions going into this interview that I needed to clear up: the B on your hat, and Area 51. So you came through with one; can you come through with the other?

Juice: Nah, I can’t.

DJ Booth: Damn it! 2008 is going to be the year that Juice jumps up to that mainstream level, so tell everybody why, if they’re not already on you, they need to go out, pick up a copy of this mix tape, and then as soon as you’re able to release a major album, be on that as well…

Juice: Man, I’m tryin’ to tell you, your boy Juice is the new fresh breath of the West Coast. I think I got what the people want, from the West Coast to the East Coast and down bottom. I think that my flow and my penmanship is comparable to some of these legends out there right now; if people don’t agree, with this mix tape and future music I put out, I think that their mindsets will change. ‘08 is gonna be my year, flat out. There’s no arguments, no debate about it. Game gonna drop an album, I’m gonna follow up with him, we’re gonna make sure I stay out in the limelight, and I’m gonna show ‘em how to do it.

DJ Booth: Juice, give everybody a website or a Myspace page so they can find out more about you.

Juice: I got you. Check out, make sure you cop that “Death Certificate” mix tape.

DJ Booth: Definitely. I wish you nothing but the best of luck, and obviously, thank you for joinin’ me inside the DJ Booth. You definitely got a good head on your shoulders, you’re gonna make some big moves in this industry.

Juice: I appreciate it. And like I said, Z, whenever you get to Arizona, holla at me. Bottles is on on me, flat out.

DJ Booth: Are we sippin’ on Patron? I go top shelf.

Juice: Come on, I’m tellin’ you, check the mix tape – I do vitamin juice and Patron. Not vitamin water, but vitamin juice and Patron!



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Re: [BWS]Juice Interview, "Vitamin Juice, not Vitamin Water, haha"
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LOL interview was straight, not those regular ass questions. Props, hope Juice blows up and get his.

Again, props for the interview.


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"i was ultimate warrior to you bully ass niggas, i will come through the hood with the fully ask niggas"