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Re: b@ttLE ME!!! NeEd VoTeS!!
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to Da818Pn0YgAnGztaA

i drops heat after heat, with ya "in da streetz" rhymes
you will fuck up any beat,
stay out the kitchen ya cant stand the hit
stop battlin big boys cuz ya lil toy
lookin like a baby, cant make big noise
ya lyrics are rip-off, bad biten, bad spitten
fools like you start to run when i start spittin
the fire,mc´in is my desire
im like a designer fool, i design swords
sharp thouthgts, i turn them into words
get a life boy you aint got one
step off before i pop in ya a hot one
bust my gun for fun your blood be dippin
when i see ya in the streets get your ass beaten.