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Funny Clinton YouTube videos
« on: January 10, 2008, 03:10:57 PM »
This is some funny shit.  There's been a lot in the news lately about how Hillary Clinton got teary eyed last week when a question was asked about her, and whether or not she may have faked it.  Well, I thought I'd post some funny Youtube stuff to show you the level of political ambition the Clinton's have.  I fully believe that the two of them combined are likely the most masterful politicians the u.s. has ever seen.  Their skill knows no bounds.

1st, one of my favorites... we have Hillary Clinton changing her accent depending on what group of people she's talking to.   This is her attempting to sound black in a rally in the south a few years ago.  HILARIOUS

This next one is completely fake, they of course took what she was saying out of context and looped it over Snoop's song, LOL

This one is a classic, it's Bill Clinton walking with someone at a funeral.  They're walking down the sidewalk, and you can tell they're laughing and having a good time (which is really fine, I think, even at a funeral you don't have to be all depressed the whole time)... well, he turns and sees the camera... and decides that he shouldn't be laughing at a funeral, so he immediately starts crying, and wiping the tears out of his eyes, etc.  he goes from laughing to wiping tears out of his eyes in about 4 seconds, which is probably pretty impressive, I dont' think I could pull off fake tears quite that quick.

This is another tampered with one, it's a video of Ronald Reagan's funeral, with Bush giving the Eulogy.  When they cut to the Clintons, they're both falling asleep, LOL   The video is actually legit and it really happened, but they've looped it and edited it to make it look even worse.

This next one is hilarious, Hillary's somewhere speaking and a bunch of flags fall over behind her.

And just on an unrelated note, here's a GREAT one of Buzz Aldrin.  Buzz Alrdin was of course an astronaut who walked on the moon, he's a u.s. senator (or was, i'm not sure)... anyways, a guy walks up to him, as an old man outside a building and starts talking shit, and Buzz whips his ass.  AWESOME

Another funny classic one, Bill Gates gets attacked by a guy with a whipped cream pie.  LOL

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