Author Topic: DUBCNN: "BaRock The Vote" with Stix & Nickee Gee [Free Event/Live Music In LA]  (Read 39 times)

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"BaRock The Vote" with Stix & Nickee Gee - January 31, 2008 By : Eddie

If you're in the Los Angeles area on Thursday, there's a free event being put on by Nickee Gee, the co-founder/CEO of The Pit, in support of the Barack Obama campaign.

The party is called "BaRock The Vote", and you'll be treated to a live performance from Stix's rock group Life Nine and DJ Hapa on the 1s and 2s if you show up. The event is FREE before 10:30 PM! Come out and show your support if you're interested in the cause.

Check out the front and the back of the flyer for all the details on the event.

Whatever your decision is, be sure to head out and let your voice be heard by voting in this election!

Check it out!