Author Topic: CREDITS: Blackalicious - A2G EP  (Read 380 times)


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CREDITS: Blackalicious - A2G EP
« on: January 31, 2008, 01:23:50 PM »

1. A To G
contains a sample of "I Walk On Guilded Splinters" by Johnny Jenkins
also contains a sample of "The Man in the Dark Sedan" by Snakefinger

2. Clockwork
contains a sample of "Begin the World Again" by Ray Manzarek

3. Rock The Spot
contains a sample of "J'L's EGO" by John Blaire

4. Back To The Essence feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker

5. Deception
contains a sample of "Burnin' Love" by Black Grass
also contains a sample of  "Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide Love)" by The Jackson 5

6. Making Progress
contains a sample of "Take My Emptiness" by David Oliver
also contains a sample of "Cha Cha Cha" by Fania All Stars

7. Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Chemist 2.5 Minute Workout)
Produced by Cut Chemist

All tracks Produced by Chief Xcel except track 7
1999 Mo Wax Records
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