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CREDITS: Guilty - No Contest (Bootleg)
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No Contest
Baby Ree


*mp3 release only*

1. Intro

2. War (ft. PR1ME)
Produced by Los

3. Mobsters
Produced by Aaron Parra

4. Sound Of CA (ft. Tony Corleone)
Produced by Los

5. Interlude

6. These Eyes (ft. Young De)
Produced by Los

7. Twisted (ft. Tony Corleone)
Produced by Los

8. Interlude

9. Fuck Tonight [Dopey Loco Solo]
Produced by Jedi Jared Moore

10. Interlude

11. Faded (ft. Damizza, Jedi Jared Moore & The Paparazzi)
Produced by Los & Jedi Jared Moore

12. I'ma Get That [Los Solo ft. Damizza]
Produced by Los

13. Not Me [Silas Solo ft. Jedi Jared Moore]
Produced by Damizza and Jedi Jared Moore

14. Put In Work (ft. Damizza)
Produced by Los

15. Through Think & Thin (ft. Jedi Jared Moore)
Produced by Damizza & Jedi Jared Moore

16. Interlude

17. Cuz I'm Guilty (ft. Damizza)
Produced by Los & Damizza

Bonus Track:
18. Cupid (ft. Bex)
Produced by Damizza & Jedi Jared Moore