Author Topic: BARACK OBAMA - "Five Ways America Will Lead Again"  (Read 115 times)


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BARACK OBAMA - "Five Ways America Will Lead Again"
« on: February 21, 2008, 12:48:36 AM »
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Re: BARACK OBAMA - "Five Ways America Will Lead Again"
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2008, 08:05:27 AM »
t's troubling and deeply disturbing that this man can have such a trance like/hypnotic effect on the listener. It seems people are in complete adulation of this guy and yet these are just a few notes I just made of his speech which essentially summarise all that was said.

First of all just like the previous presidents before him, he is committed to peace and prosperity in the middle east and yet strangely things only seem to worsen with the interference of America and it's policies. He has made no commitments to actually penalising Israel's current stance in the middle east either financially or diplomatically and indeed has greatly talked up Israel and the strides it has made in his frequent addresses to the AIPAC crowd who of course lap it up. Now I have heard the typical retorts to that criticism, namely the fact that the U.S must act as Israel's protectorate because there are many sharks circling Israel. Yet it is Israel through their illegal land grabs, the ethnically cleansing which has ensued for decades and the building of more illegal settlements which has created so many of these tensions and this has been coupled with the U.S role in this by allowing this to happen while still supporting them.

He makes a commitment to vastly improve the United States military and typically gives a very simplistic example of educating more soldiers to be bilingual so they can speak a range of languages which would better equip them for any future mission. Clearly it doesn't stop at that, that was just one example of what he wants more broadly of course is a desire for the military to be expanded and modernised. This again will lead to an increase in military spending also while it may sound reasonable for their to be a greater focus on listening to the generals, this could actually lead to an increase in troop deployment because many generals and advisors have warned that America is greatly overstretched in it's current occupations.

He attempts to portray himself as reasonable by adding that America will not attack any nation unless they are deemed to be a threat and then he evokes the memories of the first gulf war, which was itself based on bullshit. However more recently of course, Iraq was said to have posed a threat not only to it's neighbours to the wider world leading to the clamor and then decisive action of the British and Americans invading and bombing the shit out of the country right? That to me is very disturbing because it's been revealed that it was not a simple case of poor intelligence or unreliable intelligence, in fact it was a complicit conspiracy involving at least 3 of the western intelligence services (Italy, America, UK) and yet these same intelligence agencies have not been punished and will be used again. As well as this, also plays to the group think mentality that being that the notion of unilateralism is always a good thing when in fact NATO unilaterally and pre emptively bombed serbia supposedly because of a humanitarian disaster, when it was the CIA who formented the war by using islamic terrorists against the serbs. However the images has been garnered that the western powers are the good guys and therefore a consensus of agreement means there is obviously not systematic deceit.

His pledge to stop the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, when it is the U.S who has helped proliferate these WMD's, as well as Britain as well as France. Besides that though, this is where the threat of war can be clearly heard again, which is then played down by trying to reinforce this idea that it's neither the goal nor desire for there to be more war, that diplomacy is the key route to take and yet this is exactly the same rehashed political speak which has been uttered by any other politician. Even more damning this stance of being a dove, is torn to pieces when you find out that his military advisor is a certain Brizienski. The brain child behind Al Queda as well as so many coups and other conflicts, the guy is extremely intelligent but a cold hearted bastard who is anything but anti war.

I notice he then he makes a side sweep at "the fashion of disparaging the U.N and the IMF" he is trying to create a picture of misunderstood institutions which are for the betterment of the world that are being attacked by people who don't understand them. When in fact Joseph Stiglitz who was the top economist of the world bank has outlined how the IMF/ World Bank is a predatory institution which is casting mercentalism everywhere. As for the U.N, it's just a different arm of the same monstrous system and yet he wants a framework where a greater focus is put on "co-operation" and "partnership".

This ties into the next point he makes about climate change which is an area where Gordon Brown has announced that the IMF should play a bigger role in helping to develop more greener policies he said it was time for "reform". Do you see where this is going? the IMF have not suddenly developed personality transplants, in effect the greener reform is announcing that the IMF will only support i.e. provide loans to those nations who have green policies. The green policies refer to green taxes, these green taxes will then be collected up by the IMF or some other global central body and it certainly won't be for the betterment of the people. This is just a feeding frenzy the IMF is turning it's attention at the west now it has bled the third world dry.

Finally there is his grandiose vision of a better life for everyone with the nice neat little phrase investing in common humanity and yet, America is going bankrupt while he will actually increase government spending, America is going bankrupt and yet his immigration policy will bring in more illegals who will then drive down the wages further. In fact, it goes further than that to, the immigration issue is smoke and mirrors because once the body which he fully supports the NAU has been fully integrated, they qill quickly follow suit with what the European Union has done in adopting a free movement of labour. rendering the border completely superfluous. I know that some of you are for open borders but most people aren't and secondly it's a system which  clearly drives down the wages and empowers the corporate elite in doing so. Not only that, but the policy means that there is no constraints put on how low wages can fall, those immigrants who benefited last year from taking the cheaper jobs will lose their job to others who accept a much lower wage. All of this would be bad enough in a buoyant vibrant economy but the entire economy is collapsing. Some are talking about a great depression all over again when the financial system finally can't keep pushing the credit bubble anymore and collapses. Almost the entire industrial base of America has been outsourced to China and to India, the BBC has reported that 90% of new research and development jobs are being outsourced to China and India. Despite this however, it seems that so many people have themselves cocooned themselves within a bubble. change resonates from his PR team, we will change things they insist.
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