Author Topic: Obama/Farakhan controversy reveals media's agneda against blacks  (Read 366 times)

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Re: Obama/Farakhan controversy reveals media's agneda against blacks
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I agree with what you are saying but whites have had their serfdom to it just hasn't been at the same level of what the blacks have had done to them. Ultimately it's about the people at the very top of the food chain, the ones that went along with the system are just the useful idiots/the pawns. Although having said that, I don't believe that compensation should be given to people, that is just setting the clocks back.  Also, how would that be fair on the chinese? who suffered at the hands of the CIA backed Mao, the rural ukranians who were driven to the point of extinction by the Bolsheviks? the Iraqis, if we were to look at horrific history, hundreds of millions of people have been mercilessly destroyed whether physically, economically, spiritually etc. I see the greatest problelem in all of this with the infinite compensating of the victims families of the holocaust. No one should be compensated for previous actions because we all know that even if it were agreed to, you discriminate against another group and I don't feel it's morally justifiable to distinguish between one mass indiscriminate genocide and another.  Secondly any such compensation would hit the ordinary working class and the middle class because were such a change to result, they would say yes we can compensate but we are going to have to double the rate of income tax for example in order to pay for this.

 So you don't think anything should be done to atone for one of the greatest crimes against humanity in recorded history? When you say compensation, I assume you are speaking in monetary terms since you referenced the "doubling of the income tax rate." First of all, compensation does not have to be monetary. Secondly, the "compensation" would be funded by the families and corporations that enjoy the rewards of their forefathers' crimes. The government would simply serve to enforce the compensation.
   As far as crimes committed against other peoples, they should be compensated in some form or another as well. To me it is a complete insult and a slap in the face to anyone who has unjustly suffered at the hands of a criminal to say that they deserve nothing when an injustice has been committed against them. Using the logic you outlined in this post, there is no reason to incarcerate white collar thieves, rapists, murderers, child molesters, etc. because it would cost too much. How can you let a tremendous crime on a huge scale slide, but you enforce punishment and restitution on comparably insignificant and etremely minor (not to downplay anyone's suffering) crimes?