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Black Francis/Frank Black (from The Pixies) - Bluefinger
« on: March 04, 2008, 09:40:54 AM »
e spent 2005 and 2006 in Nashville, making some of his quietest records, but in a lot of ways, those albums provided the perfect set-up for the return of Black Francis. Strangely, Black himself claims that the inspiration for resurrecting his old moniker had nothing to do with the Pixies or even himself, and everything to do with a deceased Dutch punk. According to Black, he was "gripped by the spirit of Herman Brood" while recording the bonus track for his 93-03 best of collection, released this summer.

Brood (it's pronounced "Broat") was a long-time fixture on the Netherlands music scene-- he played piano in the Nederbeat group Cuby & the Blizzards in the 60s and later founded his own band. Brood was romantically linked to Nina Hagen in the 80s and achieved a great deal of prominence in his home country. He also had terrible problems with hard drugs for much of his life, and ultimately his health was so degraded that he committed suicide by leaping from the roof of the Amsterdam Hilton rather than wait for his ailments to take him.

It's easy to get what Black sees in Brood-- they have a lot in common aesthetically. Brood's music ranges from loud, hard punk to cabaret and even a bit of bizarre swing pastiche-- another thing they have in common is that neither man has always stuck to his strengths. A great deal of Bluefinger was written with Brood in mind-- he's even directly named on one song, and there's a cover of his "You Can't Break a Heart and Have It". As the album gets going, it's clear we're in much different territory than any of the Nashville sessions ventured into. The lineup here is a simple trio of Black on guitar and vocals, Jason Carter on drums and Dan Schmid on bass, with backing vocals by Violet Clarke.


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Re: Black Francis/Frank Black (from The Pixies) - Bluefinger
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Props, I just listened to it and it was pretty good, definitely going to be in rotation for a little while. The Pixies are great, I actually went to one of their concerts with my dad when I was younger, and it was a sick show.
I got a bird's eye view


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Re: Black Francis/Frank Black (from The Pixies) - Bluefinger
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i wanted to go to this but i found out it was last week.


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Re: Black Francis/Frank Black (from The Pixies) - Bluefinger
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Props. I'm not much of a fan of his solo work but this sounds interesting.