Author Topic: Uncle Tom Obama Sure Does Care About US “Special Relationship” With Israel  (Read 270 times)

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I do not believe in the "anti christ" as I believe christianity is a tool for slavery of the weak minded. Peace

Ye this coming from a person who looks up to Elijah Muhammad, go suck that faggot polygamist misogynist shit, who is the reason why malcom x is dead, you dont know shit about your people and you never will, you are the house negro, you sectarian fuck, the whole reason why a lot of division within the black community happened is because of people who were anti-secular.

And also, dont defend islam, when you arent even apart of it, you're from the nation of Islam, HAHAHAH, which aren't even considered as Muslims. You're a joke, your whole religion is a joke, you're point in life is a joke. Look, just go back to hating the world because people on your street don't want to let you in their group.

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