Author Topic: It is not all whites who are descended from reptilian blood actually  (Read 51 times)

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Do you really think a white person who has this alien reptillian blood would be a comman middle-class man or your average guy? Do you know how much reptillians emphasize the purity of there alien race? The only caucasions that have reptillian blood are the Illuminati bloodlines aka high ranking individuals in secret societys and the royalty of Europe. They themselves are allegedly reptillian shapeshifters who take human form. These are the only so called caucasions who have reptillian blood. The common white person has none of this, the only people who do in this world are at the highest ranks in secret societies, people in high political positions aka Illuminati blood line and the Royalty of Europe. Do you think any white man or women would be leading a normal average joe type life if they had reptillian blood? These are the damn aliens who have controlled humanity.

This Racial Harmony Makes me Sick to my Stomach.