Author Topic: [UPDATE] Snoop is #3 and on pace of selling 120-125k (behind Rick Ross & Now27)  (Read 1377 times)


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Re: Snoop is #3 and on pace of selling 130k (behind Rick Ross & Now27)
« Reply #90 on: March 14, 2008, 09:15:06 AM »
no fuckin way ross is gonna outsell snoop 1st week or beyond..mark my words

he will

and people whats wrong with rick ross

he is cold

like i said b4 they just mad that tha home team is losin'
I only fuck with 10's


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Re: Snoop is #3 and on pace of selling 130k (behind Rick Ross & Now27)
« Reply #91 on: March 14, 2008, 10:54:00 AM »
The internet has pretty much killed album sales for most artists. That being said I am still surprised at the low projections for Snoop, I thought he would do closer to 200k. The artists who appeal to a broad fan base including older people who don't downoad albums are the ones who are still selling like Alicia Keys, and also country artists fall into that same category. Hip Hop has suffered the most. Just going gold right now is a major achievement when ten years ago every rapper who would release an album would pretty much go gold with ease

but who's to blame, the fans or the labels?

not saying that fans have no influence regarding to the sales, but i think the fans, that want to support their favorite artists will buy their albums.

I think the hardcore fan will support but the "fairweather" fan who years ago might have bought the album because of liking a song or 2 they heard are gone, they can just download it. I remember in 1999 when Metallica was speaking against Napster every music fan was against them but from the artists point of view basically people were stealing from them and it turns out that they were right. Since then the internet has exploded and has affected everything from music sales to television ratings, its a very easy alternative

yes the internet has become an easy alternative, but it also provided new ways for promotion, distribution etc.

so the labels are responsible for not optimally using the internet's advantages; even my dear friend Jimmy Iovine said something along those lines (if i'm not mistaken) in a recent interview. so it's not just downloading that is the problem.

sure buying an album via itunes is cheaper than buying a cd, but it doesn't really offer anything special in compared to a free download.
as you know, you can't stop technology, they just have to work with it and adapt different formulas to succesfully replace the cd ( which will probably die in the near future anyway).

yes i noticed we switched the subject of the topic, but fuck it, it wasn't going anywhere anyway.

easy promotion, easy distribution only leads to EASY downloading of your favorite song or MP3 ..  nowadays record companys aint even giving out album deals anymore there aint no more money in selling records even DIDDY president of bad boy says he aint makin money off of music no more hes just doing it for the love of music now


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Ross' wack. I liked Port Of Miami, cause the original sound. But what's on Trilla? Still screams ''boss, Ross'' and shit. I don't want to listen it. I just make a decision after hearing singles. Wack wack wack.

I hope Snoop outsells Ross after this week.
It's funky enough!


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After 72.62% of sales in:

1) Now 27 - 137,048
2) Rick Ross - 127,888
3) Snoop Dogg - 80,617



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Lol, this shit canīt be real


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