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If you knew anything about Libertarian politics, you would know that the fundamental principal that Libertarians stand for, is that they want each individual to live their life the way he or she wants to; not the way George Bush, Newt Gingrinch or any other politician wants them to.

Libertarians stand for small government, and the removal of government interference from our lives.  Therefore, which ever walk of life you choose, whether that be Islam, hip-hop, or Afrocentrism, or whatever, you are free to do so... and it is no business of the government.

For example, if a Jew feels passionately about Zionism, then in a Libertarian America he would have every right to send money to support the state of Israel.  However, he would not have the right to force you or I to send our hard earned money to support the state of Israel, which is what goes on now in America, our tax money is sent to support Israel's occupation of Palestine.

I know, but that is not the issue here.  The issue is Allah's will.  Islam is not a democracy; it is an Allah-ocracy.  And as a Pan-Africanist and Poor Righteous Teacher, I can tell you that my Pan-African socialist republic will be a Foday Sankoh-ocracy, which means that I am in charge of everything, as I interpret and carry out the will of Allah.  It is the business of any government that claims to represent the Qur'an to ensure that infidels are not tolerated, and it is the business of any GOD (like myself) to ensure that the Yakub Crew presence is extinguished.  That isn't compatible with Libertarianism.

For fuck's sake, you do realize that I am the seal of the prophets?  You aren't supposed to contradict me.  Doing so results in the loss of your hands.


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the depression ended due to the WWII...the new deal was shit and now we have fucked up programs like social security