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Rising Down official cover art (+ ?uest's word )
« on: March 15, 2008, 03:51:08 AM »

From ?uestlove:

"well, in a long line lists of traditional "freak you out album covers"
(including the "i dont get the reference" Homegrowns)
here is our newest baby #10.

Rising Down.

(props to johnbrook for coming mighty close to guessing what the cover was)

although im light years away from western civilization, i still keep
up with what is going on and i have to say that its about time that
SOMEBODY mentioned race that wasn't black in this quest for
pres-o-dent. (i like the sound of that) then i realized that "no
experience" is the new "race card" in this primary (shhhhh dont tell
them that)

which then gave me a brilliant idea (c) (blair, facts of life) "let's
reveal the album cover!"

why? its practically parallel with Geraldine Ferraro comment with
"america being in love with a concept" (and im sorry....i dont believe
the "concept" she speaks of is about his"hope will save the day" talk.
i think the concept she is talking about is the unspoken issue that
NOONE on fox news has yet to say.

don't make me say it.

matter of fact i won't say it. here,

but i will lead you to the subject matter of the cover.

The Reconstruction period in American History.

this drawing is entitled NEGRO RULE. and it pretty much sums up the
feeling of the Confederate Union towards the newly freed slaves and
the idea that if given power they would reek havoc and chaos on the

somehow in watching this election one can't help but wonder if those
unspoken feelings----- (btw..."if obama was a white man" is also the
new the looming figure of the
old figureheads of washington now?

We are enjoying our tenure down here in southeast asia. even more
amused at all of this birthday girl madness going on. the OFFICIAL
video (meaning the one we pay for with our own dollars) will be mired
in more controversy once you get wind of who we got to star in this
bit. i just hope that this won't tarnish the O campaign im associated
with (i mean after all in two weeks we done kilted whitey, gave the
finga to the innnaNET, and now eyeing all the 18 year olders in the
house? sheeesh political indeed!

but im always one to give CLues, such as

i an ass!

-El ?uesto"