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Johnny B

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Wow a complete Dubee discography review w/ no mention of "My Thang" hands down his best song (Remix is better imo).  Killa Whales, 100% G Shit, The Dank Man (Instrumental), Mac Dre (Game I'm Spittin'), Sugawolf Pimp, all should also get mentioned when reviewing Dubee's discography.

My Thang, Mackin is My Duty, Pitbull Vicious, YBB Bomb r the best on his first one. I really got into his first album.
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Johnny B

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For That $crilla is funky as hell. all the beats r tight as hell. sounds like some Rappin-4-Tay shit. ;)
every song bumps. I honestly love every song on here. not one bad track.

Another Day, Fetti Got His Brain, For That Scrilla, and Struck in the Game r my faves.
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Chad Vader

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AKA Sugawolf is fuckin classic. Any G-Funk fan needs to check this out no questions asked.
The sweet part about this album is the way Khayree had each track transitioning into the next.
Each song blends into the next. Not necessarily like a DJ mixtape though. You have to peep it to know what I mean.

There was a lot of work put into this album and it shows. This is easily my favorite YBB release.
I seriously cannot stress enough how dope this album is though lol. Please check it out if you have not.

Every album album that Khayree produces top to bottom is like that.
It´s a shame people sleep on him.  :-\

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Chad Vader

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The new Dubee just leaked,shit it's up there with Ego Trippin.  :P Not my style at all  :-X
Too much X I guess  :-\ I can't listen to a single track without skipping  :P :P



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dang i liked a couple

Chad Vader

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dang i liked a couple

there was two tracks I was like ehhhh maybe..... but nahhhh shit sucked  :-\