Author Topic: Napolean (from Tha Outlawz) in Australia speaking on emerging gang culture  (Read 125 times)

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its a worldwide issue though...

(ive posted here Part 1, but yall should check all of it, its a good discussion on gang culture, state power, society, personal responsibility)

The state has responded to the emerging gang activity with specialist police units based on ethnic grounds, so we got the Middle Eastern taskforce, the Asian Crime Squad, etc....yet the majority of violent crime is committed by white anglo-saxons...

Race ain't even the issue...everything is always racialised very quickly...
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Nice to see how much Islam has affected Napolean's life, especially considering I grew up listening to him on Pac's records.

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Why is Australia even letting those people into their country?

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for the foreign cuisine mate,you can only survive off bake beans and emu for so long...

...we need these lebs to serve up a kebab every now and then.
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