Author Topic: My annual post condemning you all for being pervertes and promoting soft porn...  (Read 360 times)

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I think what he's getting at is that he wants less soft porn, but more hard porn.


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I see where you are coming from, especially with the whole level of worshipping girls, that's just a problem with guys in general. But, like everyone said, you could turn it off and ignore it. And the point of not seeing it enough is kind of like the chicken vs. the egg, they would say we already see it everywhere else, why not here?? Like everyone said, I guess turn off the sigs.

Or, basically
I think what he's getting at is that he wants less soft porn, but more hard porn.
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u got a a good point infinate but i also see some prety valid points as relpies

for yall that see what he says as complaining/bitching yall got to remember he's one of the vets here he's been here from before this site was called dubcc and before it was igangsta...

before it got to this point it's at now but yeah infinate i agree with u that porn is way to accessable these days even when ur not trying to access it it's right up in ur face

but yo just keep ur mind strong and ur body will follow

it's another level of self control u just gonna have to get with the program and adjust cuz i don't see it getting any better it's just getting worst what is exceptable for public veiwing


word... Peace and Respect

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