Author Topic: I must Apologise to Messi, he is Not From Netherlands, He is from Sweden  (Read 302 times)


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This shit is lame as hell. Dude's doing IP scans to make threads about what country the guy resides in, sounds like a Stan.

Secondly, some guys still seem to think that being from the US means being straight gangsta whereas being from Europe makes you some kind of frog-eating fag. Also, there's street shit going on pretty much everywhere (newsflash: There are street niggaz in Europe, peddling crack and pimping hoes and doing just about everything you get props for on thugged-up internet boards) and people who spend their online time going on about which internet character has the highest street cred in real life probably wouldn't walk an inner city street in broad daylight.


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Also, there's street shit going on pretty much everywhere

Holland alone has about 1500 Bloods and Crips.


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people who think criminality is cool = stupid

Nat Turner-reincarnated

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HAHAHHAHAHA LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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^i bet that actually is Messi aswell...


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does it really matter? No Teflon where are you from?

not but your dumbass thinks la culture is ignorant because its something u simply dont understand. dont lie and say u love la culture or west coast rap becasue when i make a point which i know i am right u juz say some stupid shit tryting to piss me off.

"log off and go back to streets" come on now dont get mad cuz u wished u live in cali.

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