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American Boy remix
« on: April 24, 2008, 07:37:31 AM »
Im sorta kinda like a cool K,
Ave I ever fallen off, no way,
So abrupt is he, the man you see,
Is simply B,
I smell so good, of givenchy, chy,
Four sprays or three, three,
An im in a new Tee, Tee,
Franklin and Marshall, oh wee,
Amazing, I know we be textin,
So slick I aint even messin,
A blessin, keep you guessin,
Lookin for my name so much that u stressin,
I won banana's,
Got rid of my violence,
Rhymers... in my shadow, cos I drop one timers,
So fun cos you know Im hip,
Saying classic lines like sends a pic,
An you know that I aint done coke,
Relax, not relapse, an thats no joke,
Cos Im not really into all that,
I hear the music, an spit lyrics,
But I still got no, cash, thats mad,
Cos Im in town downing spirits,
Do I feel that it could happppen?
Make it at rappin,
But I dont hold my breath,
I'll just sit back and be Bez,



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Re: American Boy remix
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2008, 03:19:38 PM »
quick lil spit tryna stay on theme wit da american boy remix

fresh and walkin round town and i got my louie bag
canadian boy, with a monster special type of swag
and it attracts all the ladies, so i must stay fresh
to death and the women expect nothing less
but for me to holla and spit her some fresh game
and ya boy is somethin special, homie i aint the same
as these young rap dudes who think they dope
im cleaning out the rap game, hand ya boy some soap
shouts out goes to yung la, and his stupid fruity swag
and i be touchin ya bitch, treatin it like its a game of tag
so if u aint fuckin with me, for real shawty its ya loss
and this is lunatic 63 of raptalk and im now signin off
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