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CREDITS: Rome - Welcome To Rome (Bootleg)
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Welcome To Rome

1) Welcome To Rome

2) That Gully Is Back Ft. Omar Cruz & Glasses Malone

3) I'm Rollin Ft. Joe Hound, Rick Ross, C-Ride & Dre

4) Vatos Locos Ft. Omar Cruz

5) Big Thangz Ft. Dout Gotcha & Gutta Boy

6) Back In The Day ft. Turf Talk & Kartoon (Ruff Ryders West)

7) Gangsta City Ft. Omar Cruz

8) Born & Raised On The West Side Ft. Omar Cruz

9) Mo' Paper! Mo' Haters! Mo' Homicide! Ft. Dout Gotcha!

10) Pawns In A Chess Game Ft. Conejo

11) Pray Ft. Jay-Z & Beyonce (From "American Godfather")

12) Where My Homies Ft. Omar Cruz, Sick Jacken, Mr. Shadow, Joell Ortiz, Guzzle, Conejo, Sinful, Cynic, Spanto & Sleepz

13) My Style (La Ultima Cancion)

Composed and produced by Rome

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Re: CREDITS: Rome - Welcome To Rome (Bootleg)
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Tracks 4 and 12 taken from the mixtape 2007 B.C. . A vinyl for this single was released, but only in radio edit form.
Track 9 taken from the mixtape Respect It Or Check It.
Track 11 taken from the mixtape The American Godfather.

To better understand track 13: "My Style" is a retrospective on Rome's production and influence on Spanish soul/recuerdos. It is only to show you how he can turn a Leo Dan song, for example, into an Omar Cruz classic.

"La Ultima Cancion" is a bonus track, performed by Omar Cruz.