Author Topic: Had the chance to watch PRINCE & PORTISHEAD perform live at Coachella this wknd  (Read 60 times)

We Fly High

man what an experience... coachella was amazing.. im going to start going every year, this weekend I saw diplo, the raconteurs, sharon jones and the dap kings, jack johnson, death cab for cutie, Junkie XL, Kraftwerk, Murs, SIA, Kid Sister/A Trak, Roger Waters ... and best of all PORTISHEAD and PRINCE in the same night, one after the other.

there were probably 70,000+ people in attendance on Saturday, and I was unbelievably fortunate enough to be able to watch PRINCE from the 4th or 5th row to main stage. like if they were seats, the tickets would cost in excess of $1,000. So it was just fuckin awesome to see him do all his jams and covers, and bring out Sheila E. and Morris Day..

‘Jungle Love’ w/ Morris Day
‘The Glamorous Life’ w/ Sheila E.
‘I Feel For You’
‘Little Red Corvette’
‘U Got The Look’
‘Another Lover Holen Yo Head’
‘Creep’ (Radiohead cover)
‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ (Sarah McLachlans cover)
‘Come Together’ (Beatles cover)
‘Purple Rain’
‘Let’s Go Crazy’

Portishead was fuckin amazing too... Beth Gibbons....


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Danm!!!I would have loved to see that concert.2 of my fav.homie..yeah and beth is a solid artist.PRINCE..well his music speaks for.legend. 8)

Don Jacob

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maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i've been wanting to see prince in concert foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!

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there wasnt enough bands playing that I liked on any one day for me to go to coachella this year.

thats dope tho, I'm certainly jealous I'll see Prince before I die.

Im thinking about going next year.

I'll just settle for a day with a band I really love and fuck the price.



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im a big prince fan.use to go to all his concerts when ever he came to memphis.


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I could've murdered someone to see a live Prince gig like that. Could be a long wait before I get an opportunity to see him though...

The-Leak (aka) kingwell (bka) JULES

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Fuck prince, u got to see PORTISHEAD?  i envy u.


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Wow that's quite the lineup. If you don't mind me asking, how much was it to get up there that close man?

We Fly High

We were THAT close. out of 60,000+ people.

Fortunately, I managed not to pay anything for the tickets. haha. At first, all i really cared about was Saturday (portishead and prince).. and my boss actually bought me a Saturday ticket, and one of the Sunday artists actually hooked us up with Sunday tickets, and then one day before the actual festival weekend, I ended up getting Friday tickets for free too. So it was quite the show experience. A planned 1 day trip, all of a sudden abruptly turned into a 3 day all out music fest. Friday was Jack Johnson, Saturday was Prince and Portishead, Sunday was Roger Waters (pink floyd)

But anyone who purchased a $94 regular ticket could have made it up front. I heard of people waiting for like 6 hours just so that they could get into the front row for Prince. but luckily, i only had to sneak in like 30 minutes before Portishead's set, and then watch their set, before Prince came on. So i did minimal waiting, and watched two great shows. Had to navigate through a crazy crowd, but i consider myself a pretty experienced concert goer haha, so it aint nothin new.

and even better our hotel room $400/night room for $94/night. hahaha.