Author Topic: dedicated to sean bell and future niggas that will face this racist system  (Read 277 times)


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Messed up!
RIP Sean Bell.
One of those Cops was Black Too..
It ain't happenin, Bibles I'm still packin them
And jackin demons wit them 44 magnums" T-Bone


Sir Petey

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what escapes my comprehension is why it was necessary to reference another mans penis to make the joke work...I would have at least figured that for a dipset lover you would at least throw a pause...or maybe a "no homo" out there.

but hey, different strokes for different folks.

uh oh, somebody is mad.

So tell me, what's wrong? Bad day?

dont be silly my good man, Im just keeping you on your toes....seeing whos gonna bite the bait and get clowned passed sikotic, gold star for you buddy.

see ya around the forum buddy!


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Whatever makes your day, buddy. That's what I'm here for.