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CREDITS: Nappy Roots - Innerstate Music (Bootleg)
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Nappy Roots
Interstate Music
Internet release


1. Keep It Real
Produced by Joe HoP

2. Good Day
Produced by Big Al

3. Do It Like That
Produced by 3 Kingz

4. Sell It
Produced by Sekem Re'

5. Who Got It, Where's It At
Produced by Joe HoP

6. Bottles 'N' Broads
Produced by Joe HoP

7. Swerve & Lean
Produced by Sol Messiah

8. Sun Don't Shine
Produced by Sol Messiah

9. Sometimes (feat. D. Folks)
Produced by Khari

10. Shakers To The Stage
Produced by Alvin Love

11. Hot
Produced by Chi Dulley

12. Souljahs
Produced by Sol Messiah

13. Dreamin' (feat. Tenia Sanders)
Produced by DJ K.O.

14. On My Way To GA
Produced by Sol Messiah

All songs were recirded and mixed at Louisville Sound Lab except for tracks 9 and 14, which were recorded and mixed at Treesound Studios in Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Randy Leroy at Final Stage Mastering in Nashville, TN
Graphic design by Carson Gream aka Willie 3rd Street
Executive producers - Nappy Roots, Co-executive producers - J. Hopper and Paul Diaz
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