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Mystikal Collaborates With Adult Movie Actress
« on: October 03, 2002, 02:30:21 AM »
Multiplatinum rap star Mystikal appears in the LFP Video Mystikal--The Making Of Liquid City released this week on DVD and VHS. Liquid City is the album from Chaos, an up-and-coming rapper and adult entertainment actress in Louisiana.

In the 80-minute set, Mystikal and Chaos perform their song "In Da City," and Mystikal hosts a portion of Chaos's Liquid City listening party that features Chaos and other adult entertainers engaged in various sexual acts.

"Chaos is representing that raw energy missing in rap, and when she called me about doing a track together, I didn't hesitate," Mystikal said in a statement. "This movie is on another level to me. I have seen outrageous before, but this will be something else."

According to a spokesperson for Mystikal, the rapper does not participate in "any orgies or sexual acts" in the film, and left the venue when things got too racy.

Mystikal's spokesperson also noted that Mystikal taped the movie "way before" he received rape and extortion charges in July for allegedly raping an employee. Mystikal maintains his innocence in the matter.

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