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^Dr Reed's alien that he claims to have beaten unconscious over the head and stored in his freezer. A few weeks later he returned home to find his house strip-searched and gutted, and the freezer and it's occupant totally removed. Dr Reed was later shot and wounded by an anonymous assailant but survived and lives under a changed identity ('Dr Reed' is an alias originally anyway). His video recordings of his alien and his bullet wounds are available for viewing pleasure and ridicule on the youtube.

I found this picture significant only because it reminds me of something i seen. Peep Overfiend's encounter story (goyamic opinions and ridicule welcome):

I declare goyims are now officially allowed to believe in aliens if they so choose.

The white Vatican hath followed suit...


Vatican says aliens could exist 
By David Willey
BBC News, Rome 

Father Funes says the universe is so vast that other life forms may exist
The Pope's chief astronomer says that life on Mars cannot be ruled out.

Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.

Father Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory near Rome, is a respected scientist who collaborates with universities around the world.

The search for forms of extraterrestrial life, he says, does not contradict belief in God.

The official Vatican newspaper headlines his article 'Aliens Are My Brother'.

'Free from sin'

Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin, he speculates.

Asked about the Catholic Church's condemnation four centuries ago of the Italian astronomer and physicist, Galileo, Father Funes diplomatically says mistakes were made, but it is time to turn the page and look towards the future.

Science and religion need each other, and many astronomers believe in God, he assures readers.

To strengthen its scientific credentials, the Vatican is organising a conference next year to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of the author of the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin.

....and lil something to relax yo minds weary travellers:
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Killarmy, Wu-Renegades.


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yeah i read about this yesterday. Maybe we're on the verge of a discovery or public release of information about other races out there and the vatican feels it is necessary to have an official statement before shit goes public.
nice encounter story btw.


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this shit is very interesting, thanks for posting this. I had no idea something like this had happened

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Word acknowledging the possibility they exist could be a move to pre-empt any insinuation that evidence of aliens could undermine church centric theology. But I know a number of scientists who are devout Catholics so it could also just be a move to consolidate the flock, which they been doing lately anyway with their new 'thou shalt not pollute and corporate crime new official sins.
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It sounds to me like they are making an effort to bring people together rather than separate everyone.  That move in and of itself I support. 

The sheer fact that they stated this publicly is pretty huge. 

Good shit posting this, I'll check out your encounter thread.


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I am a believer in alien life. They have been interacting with our society for longer than you think.

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great job stating the blatantly obvious POSSIBILITY that there COULD be life somewhere else besides this small ass planet. I have no idea why this is even being made into a news story.


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great job stating the blatantly obvious POSSIBILITY that there COULD be life somewhere else besides this small ass planet. I have no idea why this is even being made into a news story.

Unfortunately there are people out there that aren't able to draw that conclusion for themselves.  If they hear the church declare it, all the sudden it legitimizes the possibility in their mind.  Sad but true.


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Overfiend, I've seen you use the "goyim" reference a couple times.  When I looked it up, it says that it is a disparaging term labeling non-Jews.  So I'm not clear w/ what context you are using that term.


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HAhaaaaa........i was making fun of a facet of the human condition, we pay no heed to things when we do not understand them.
Its actually quite a confronting question when someone askes you what you think of the word goyim,  we give racist slurs more power when we use them seriously, but the word itself is appropriate for satire and humour, isn't it? When we laugh about things, that have happened to us or fill us with fear and hatred we understand it more and don't fear it as much anymore or hate anymore...its all about breaking the cycle.

People have to be able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. Our world, at large, our human political and social matrix we take too seriously when we all are infact, 1 people, an amazing diverse mix of extrinsically rich individuals on a precious Earth.

Alos alot of these conspiracy theories are pretty depressing so i make satire of them. If Bush can be satired, why can't conspiracy theories there will always be conspiracy theories as long as there are politicians and leaders. For the health of democracy. And sometimes political satire can be ironic. 

'goyim', i guess for me is a concept; 'the great unwashed masses', the 'dumb, deaf and blind', we all have a little goyim in all of us, a little ignorance, anger, hatred, hedonism, self-ishness, etc (even jews) for me its a broader concept than the one associated with the derogatory hebrew definition.

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