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I know S.G.V. will be happy for this one....

"Down-South: What were some of your musical influences that you've grown up listening to? Do you have any favorite artists?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, growin up i was listeniní to..everythang man. You know my brotha was like 5 years older than me so of course when the rap shit hit, he had me listeniní to ďWiggy Wiggy Wiggy Ē and all kinds of shit. ya know? So uuuh *laughs* so i use to listen to all kinda rap. Just love the music. period.

Down-South: Oh yea, I can relate cuz my brutha 7 years olda den me so..

Pastor Troy: *interupts* so yea i know, you was doin what eva.. what eva he thought was cool, you thought was cool.

Down-South: Are there any albums released in the past year or so that you are into? Whatís in your C.D. changer right now?

Pastor Troy: Aww right now man. Shit man, Iím still ridiní on damn..Iím still ridin on UGK ďRidin DirtyĒ man. *laughs* Hell yea. You know itís National.. its Pac Month foí me got damn. We celebratiní Pac death & all dat good shit. So its been Pac..Nuttiní but Pac last couple of days..last couple of weeks.

Down-South: Say you canít forget bout T.I., he slept on doe.

Pastor Troy: Oh yea, dats my nigga.

Down-South: its a buzz goin on about you and Playa Fly doing an album. i heard the album was going to be named Jerico once Fly get out of jail and you two finish recording. How did you & Fly hook up?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, we just hooked up & had respect foí each otha mane, ya know. I had been listeniní to his shit, he had been listeniní to my shit but we had neva met each otha. Got damn, came across, and I had a show in Memphis. And I had hollered at him at the radio. And by the time I had said Ďwusupí to Playa Fly, he was at the station.

Down-South: *laughing* Obviously its a mutual respect between you two if you're working on an album. Both of you have a passionate spiritual side. How do you feel about Playa Fly as an artist, and what is the atmosphere & chemistry like in the room when you both are in the same studio?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, you know that aint nuttiní but dat ĎHell To Payí. Man, that put it together period. Thatís my homeboy man. Itís like lookiní into a mirror image. You know, it was like.. he has the same kinda followiní in Memphis that I have in Atlanta. Ya know what I mean. Shit, we is like perfect together mane. Perfect.

Down-South: Are there any other artists in the game now you would like to work with in the near future or any groups and artists that you plan to bring into the industry soon?

Pastor Troy: Yea man, Iím just bringiní DSGB man. My Down South Georgia Boyz comin thru. Iím representing for Down South Georgia Boyz, Iím representiní foí Minnie Mae Mafia. Togetha we gone crank dis thang on up, like it Ďpose to be done.

Down-South: When did you realize that you wanted to get into the music industry?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, I was watchiní the checks. I was watchiní the checks. Man, them niggaz went to jumpin outta Bentleys & all this good ole shit. I need to rap. Fuck
this bull shit Iím doin. I Need to rap.

Down-South: You seen all dem checks wit 0,0,0,0ís written cross em huh?

Pastor Troy: *laughin out loud* There you go!! *still laughing*

Down-South: What's a typical day in the life of Pastor Troy. What do you like to do in your spare time when youíre not in the studio?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, i just kick it dawg. You know, shit, gamble on da Play Station. All dat good shit. Just kick it like some real dudes.

Down-South: Ok, so you into dem video games.

Pastor Troy: Yea man, We sit here and play Play Station 2 all day. Madden & all dat good shit.

Down-South: How do you come up with the material when working on an album? what inspires you 2 write a song?

Pastor Troy: Uh man, i really just go for what I know man. The tracks really motivate me more than anythang.

Down-South: Ok, so you come up with the beats first and then you come up with the concept?

Pastor Troy: Yea and then I roll wit it. ďWhat I need to talk about on this certain track?Ē Usually it come togetha pretty good.

Down-South: Now this is for the ladies out there, you know they will be checking you out. Hopefully you're next single wont be " I Need A Girl" like Puffy ..

Pastor Troy: *interrupts* Heyalll naaaaaaw!! None of dat

Down-South: Unless it give you a million more record sells

Pastor Troy: *laughing* Its all good

Down-South: After hearing Can U Stand Da Game, does Pastor Troy have a main shawty & what type of female do you want walking by your side?

Pastor Troy: Yea, aww yea, I got a main girl man. My girl, my girl is the ultimate gangsta of all gangstas. *laughing* You know what I mean. This shit here is so fuckin.. difficult man. This shit is so got damn..itís so unstable. You know what Iím sayin? If you get somebody who can deal with this shit, and ride it out wit cha, you need to stick down wit her. And thats how Iím doiní it wit my girl.

Down-South: Especially, you know cuz, like in the studio, you might not have time to just spend that quality time.

Pastor Troy: Hell yea mane. Iím talkin bout if you get somebody that can understand the relationship and can deal with the time you gotta be away, and understand all that shit. Keep the house tight and all that good shit...aye, capitalize on it.



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Down-South: We gone talk about Vice Versa for a second. There's 2 sides to every story, just like its 2 sides to every coin. It was sort of controversial in a sense were viewing christian beliefs in a mirror and seeing only the reflection instead of what we have been told all our life. Some thought you were questioning God. Being that your Father is a minister, and you questioning everything that he may have raised you to believe in. What made you come up with the idea of this song?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, it was moreso questioning got damn.. these mutha fuckin gods who live in this mutha fuckin society. Ya know what I mean. It wasnít even to the G, it was to these lower case gods. Ya know uuh, that whole thang man, that was just a deep concept for me man. Like when I wrote that man, I wrote that song like.. when I was like 19 and Iím 24 now so that was probably a good 4 or 5 years ago. When I wrote the song, I was in college. I was goin to a Christian College, but wasnít no Christian shit goin on. There was moí suckin & fuckin, and drankin & everythang..

Down-South: O.k, basically hypocrites

Pastor Troy: Hypocrites, you know what Iím sayiní. I just had to come with a hard joint to get at them hypocrites man. Straighten it out. Tell em whatís hell & vice versa. Ya know what I mean?

Down-South: What side of Pastor Troy does Universal Soldier reflect?

Pastor Troy: Uuh , the whole, the whole pie. From the fly nigga, from the nigga who donít play no games..from the nigga who got damn nigga who love his niggaz, love his
homeboyz..everybody just gone feel that shit & love it my nigga. Iím so krunked up, I canít wait till these niggaz go buy that shit man.
Down-South: What do you think is the major difference between Universal Soldier and your previous albums?

Pastor Troy: Uuh, this one here man, is more for the masses. You know what Iím sayin. I stayed down with what I do..What I base for about 3, 4 albums ya know what Iím sayin. Fuck it, we gone stick wit yall boyz & this how itís gone be. Finally, I got to the point where my ..the people who where behind me a hundred & four was like ďTroy these niggaz tryna run away with this shit from ya man. Cuz they aint..they aint givin a fuck about keepin it real, keepin it true..letís go get these niggazĒ. And Iím goin to get em..and Iíma bring everybody back to da hood. ya feel me?

Down-South: I know this may be a difficult question because as an artist, each song usually mean something but do you have a favorite track from the album or one that you felt like every one of your fans should pay close attention to?

Pastor Troy: Aww yea, For My Hustlaz man. For my hustlaz. Everybody hustles. I donít give a damn if ya doin interviews for ya website or whateva the fuck, we hustlas..we hustlin. I just made a song dedicated to all the hustlaz.

Down-South: I think appealing 2 both underground & commercial comes back 2 marketing & the artist's personality. You cant force yourself 2 please everybody because most cases you wont. Marketing & personality can conflict, if an artist create a song dat doesnít represent him and he captures an audience because you can quickly become labeled after one song.

So my question 2 you is, how does an artist keep from watering down his style and find a co-existence between da underground & commercial fan base?

Pastor Troy: Yea, yea you just gotta stay true man. Like I said, I kept it real with my fans for so long, they was ready for me to change up the style and show Ďem that I can got damn appeal and win some of them people over too. And itís not really winniní people ova man, because ya look up, those people been listeniní to you forever. Itís the lames who really just now catchiní on to it. Ya know what I mean? For somebody to just say ďthis the first time I eva heard Pastor TroyĒ, you lame.

Down-South: Cuz he donít know what real music is..

Pastor Troy: 4 real, I aint knew to this shit, Iím true to this shit.

Down-South: Prediction. how many albums do you expect Universal Soldier to sell?

Pastor Troy: Uuh, we gone go at least a good 3 mill. ya know?

Down-South: Aye, ya know dats gone be a hard thang cuz look, the last nigga I know to really keep it street & then keep it appealing to commercial was Pac. And ya know what happen so thats gone be a hard fate.

Pastor Troy: Yea, Iím the next nigga like that. I really..these otha niggaz, they give they self that torch. you know. The next nigga who that..who people gone flock to like that. But mutha fuckin, the people tellin me ďTroy, you are the next niggaĒ!! It aint nothin Iím sayin or Iím the next nigga that told it like that. The people tellin it, the street tellin it ďTroy, you got itĒ!! and Iíma show Ďem I got it.

Down-South: And the streets donít lie.

Pastor Troy: Hell naw, the streets donít lie..fuck niggaz lie..

Down-South: Critics of southern music believe our artists excel production wise, but lack lyrical content. What do you bring to the table, and where do you think the South ranks lyrically, compared to the rest of the industry?

Pastor Troy: Yea, Iím sayin man..shit, donít none of these mutha fuckas got no content to me. If you know, ya wanna do it like that. Shit, some liquor, some clothes, some bitches, some hoes. That shit. How hard is that?

Down-South: You can take somebody 5 years old & talk about that.

Pastor Troy: Hell Yea. Iím talkin bout folks..they canít label our music. We aint doin nothin no different then them man. They say potato, we say potawta..they say tomato, we say tomawta..what eva, so..if thats the case aint no music got no content.

Down-South: Thereís been a few artists in the industry, who seemingly been biting off your style. Those artistsí name wonít be recognized because they basically flopped by the time their 2nd album came out...

Pastor Troy: *interrupts* Yea, they basically..they basically dead. and if ya got damn still out there copying me, ya gone die a slow death mutha fucka.

Down-South: *continues* Give us 2 words that describe how you feel about artists trying to come up off of your style.

Pastor Troy: Shiiit, BOY STOP. thatís all i got to say. Boy Stop.

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Down-South: *laughing* nigga quit

Pastor Troy: Foí Real

Down-South: Now moving on to a more serious subject matter. Everytime you cut on the television, its been about Sept. 11th this whole week. Do you think that incident was a sign of the times or act from God and how do you feel about the relationship between the government & its people since the attacks?

Pastor Troy: Uhh, I look at that shit. It was crazy mane. ya know what Iím sayin. Anybody couldíve been on one of those planes, anybody could have been in one of them buildings. So my heart goes out, but at the same time, I think it was more to it than what meets the eye. ya feel me? So its all good man, everybody be safe..know that these mutha fuckas aint neccessarily got ya best interest at heart. Understand that they just canít protect you. God gotta protect you.

Down-South: Yea, it opened alot of eyes.

Pastor Troy: Hell yea man, it opened mines

Down-South: Name something that makes you feel blessed.

Pastor Troy: Uhh, shit my nigga. You, just for being on this interview my nigga. You up here interviewing me. I dreamed about interviews. I feel blessed about that.

Down-South: And God puttiní you in a place where you makin music & giviní back to the fans too.

Pastor Troy: Hell yea man. Thats real. ya know. Canít beat it. I canít find no better gig.

Down-South: Heaven forbidding, if you were to perish from the Earth this very second, what legacy or words of inspiration & encouragement from Pastor Troy would you want to leave behind to all of your fans?

Pastor Troy: Uhh, shit man, I would like to say..*pauses*..Yall donít let me die. *laughs* I ratha die in the the natural, but donít let me die in the spiritually man. Man, keep me on foreva. Real nigga done walked this earth.

Down-South: What would you like to see yourself doing 5 years from now?

Pastor Troy: Aww shit, 5 years from now man, I wanna be damn driviní a boat cross the West Indies. *hahahahaz*

Down-South: Hell yea nigga, laid up on some island posted up.

Pastor Troy: *still laughing* You already know. Posted up, shit, Iím chillin.

Down-South: Now i'm kind of putting you on the spot..but i would like to ask..either or...could you give a free style or a favorite verse of yours from the upcoming album?

Pastor Troy: Yea, you ready?

Down-South: Yuh

Pastor Troy: ďStarted out at the bottom of the barrel homie. Had to deal with these fuck niggaz hatiní on me. Aint it lonely? When headed to da top. The big boy drop, got me chillin on da block. The polo socks, nigga the sun shininí off my shade frame. Now look who made it out the dope game. Yea, nigga..from nickles to dimes..From dimes to quarter ki's. I stacked me some cheese, and went to bumpin these Cdís. and now you see me on yo tube, live & direct. See a nigga swang thru da bank, Iím cashin checks. Or bettah yet, Iím shakin dat mutha fucka..from da Atl 2 Augusta..4 my hustlazĒ that..

Down-South: And thatís gone be 4 the people.

Pastor Troy: You already know man. Wait till you hear dat track dog. You gone say ďOh My GodĒ..*laughs*

Down-South: Now let da people know where thats cominí from

Pastor Troy: Thats from the got damn For My Hustlaz song man. Uhh, Pastor Troy, Universal Soldier, September 24th.

Down-South: Have you seen your official website,

Pastor Troy: Yea, yea yea yea yea yea!! How ya like it?

Down-South: Maan, Iím loviní it. I was just on there a few minutes ago.

Pastor Troy: Aww man, Ima have to start goiní on there mixin & mingliní wit yall boyz if you feel it like dat.

Down-South: yea, nigga yea, how do you feel about the promotion your fans have been giving you?

Pastor Troy: Aww man, them mutha fuckas off da chain. They know I love Ďem to death. Thats the reason they on there writing that shit to me.

Down-South: yea and they love you. Not just from Ga but everywhere.

Pastor Troy: Every where man, like I was sayin, that DSGB shit, donít get it twisted. You can be anywhere & be a Down South Georgia Boy baby. Thats just our first family. You got Down South Georgia Boy Carolina. We got Down South Georgia Boyz Memphis. You know, different divisions, itís all good.

Down-South: I would like to thank you Pastor Troy..for taking the time out of your schedule to do my very first interview.

Pastor Troy: Itís all gangsta. Imía keep ya numba wit me De. Iíll be hittin you up periodically. Iíll be back in the Atl in bout anotha week. Yall be ridiní to that Lil Flip down there?

Down-South: Yuuuup

Pastor Troy: *laughin* I like that shit. That Lil Flip. I heard him throw me up on that junt. He say he ďrepresent the south like Pastor TroyĒ. I said Ďaaaww shitĒ!!

Down-South: Sept. 24 Pastor Disaster. Universal Soldier. He told yall once he aint playin so
take ya game face off. ya heard

Pastor Troy: Itís all good baby *laughing* Much luv nigga.