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This album is striclty for the dirty south DIE HARD fans....

1.  Who's Him
2.  Drop Ft. Eightball
3.  Chicken Fried Steak Ft. Slim Thug, Hawk & Bun B
4.  Rollin On Dubs Ft. Papa Reu & Lil Flip
5.  Rich Girl Ft. Ronnie Spencer
6.  The Anthem
7.  Green & Gold Ft. Ronnie Spencer
8.  Down N H-Town Ft. Lil Keke & C-Note
9.  The Interview
10.  Tow Down
11.  Say What?
12.  Where Were You
13.  Elektrik
14.  Backstage Ft. Willie D & Triple
15.  Bonus Track: Chicken Fried Steak (Remix)

"In 2001, Tow Down set the South on fire with his debut album By Prescription Only, which generated the regional hit "Country Rap Tune"  Tow Down went on to sell over 27,000 units independently in the first seven months.  In August of 2001 the "Country Rap Tune" garnered the 3rd Coast Music Award for song of the year.  "The last album was just the appetizer, this I want to serve the world" Tow Down proclaims.  Tow Down's sophomore D.I.M.E. Records release, Chicken Fried Steak, is one of the most original and flavorful rap records in a long time.  Hailing from Houston, this southern rap star trades verses with some of the rap games most effusive stars -- Eightball, Willie D & Bun B of UGK who have patented the true flavor of the South with their distinctive drawls.  Also, Slim Thug, HAWK, Lil Flip & Lil Keke appear.  Songs like the innovative "Drop" and the anthem of the south "Chicken Fried Steak" sparkle with imaginative lyrics, done up in Tow Down's indomitable delivery.  Chicken Fried Steak is smothered in hets, so come and get it!"

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towdown is crazy...if u see him u think hes some rocker...but he wrecks the mic....he would terrorize bubba....yall need to peep him
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