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Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "Get Ya Mind Correct"
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"After a long break I decided to come back and review the album which hasn't stopped banging in my trunk for the entire summer. Swishahouse headliners, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, may not have the broadest subject matter to speak on since lyrics usually don't stray far from the realm of money and poppin trunks. It is easy to see past those things because when you take into account unreal wordplay and down right sick lyrics like, "Could you see a Bentley parked in the crunkest spot of your hood?/candy coat on top of the hood/and my fist on top of the wood" The talent of these Houston boys is through the roof and hearing them feed off each other so perfectly has suprised me. I always knew from various tapes and freestyles that they will wreck the mic with jaw dropping flows but what I didn't expect was the bangin beats and well crafted songs to end up making this album hotter than H-Town summers.
 "My Money Gets Jealous" and "N Love With My Money" are testaments to Texas ballin'. The arrogance and wordplay of their lyrics is evident in bar after bar like when Paul Wall breaks you off with, "You girl stutta when I pull up next to ya/you been with the girl six months/Paul Wall the reason she won't give sex to ya." The choruses are so sick your head won't stop rockin and your first couple times to hear these songs you may find yourself saying "damn he didn't just say what I think he did, did he?" the answer is yes so turn the shit up.

 "Thinkin Thoed" is another bangin track filled with sick rhymes and basslines that hit in places you didn't know you had ears. Chamillion's lyrics on this track will turn a casual listen into your favorite song oozing out of your speakers when he tells ya shit like, "Knock knock, who is it?/Mr. hear lizard lizard/got 23's like we whatchin them Washington Wizards/I'm thinkin, pullin so many cars out the garage/that the city will build a freeway that enter my yard."

 "Falsifying" is a personal favorite and it seems to follow the same pattern as the other songs mentioned because it flows together so perfectly that you can't help but love it. Paul Wall goes off hard when he drops it like, "Tomarrow your stuck/your rims cost more than your truck/means you a baller but you always wanna barrow a buck." This song has another bangin chorus and I just can't stop listening to it. It is very hard to select tracks that might be possible skips since every beat will blow the fucking roof off but there are tracks that may not become favorites right away.

 "U Owe Me" and the skits are really the only tracks I skip and maybe a few others and most of the time "U Owe Me" fits in to the mix pretty well. "The Other Day", "Game Over," and "So Grind" are all tight tracks that have the same pattern as the rest of the album and the all go off pretty hard. Song after song this album just keeps you wanting more and it keeps coming.

 "I Wanna Get" is definitely one of the illest tracks on the album. Chamillion wrecks hard on this song and tears up the chorus. This album actually had very few guest spots and 13 songs, all of which are impressive.

 This album gave me everything I wanted and much more. Since I have always been partial to The Screwed Up Click and have always thought that they have more polished styles, I was proven wrong when I thought they couldn't successfully crossover from mixtapes to putting out ill albums like S.U.C. members have done. The subject matter is the only real downfall of the album cause you hear most of the same shit on every song but the wordplay, beats, and the way everything comes together really makes up for it. No doubt one of the best albums I have heard all year. Peace. "

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Re: Paul Wall & Chamillionaire "Get Ya Mind Correc
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four thumbs up!!!
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