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IMF & the World Bank
« on: June 10, 2008, 02:58:07 AM »
a lot of the mainstream western media would have you think that zimbabwe's problems come from mismanagment of the ecomony by mugabe, but that isn't the case

people have to understand that after mugabe threw out those white farmers in the late 90s after the british goverment constantly flip flopped on the agreement they agreed in the 1980 independence agreement to compensate a minority of white farmers for there land to redistribute the vast land amonsgst the greater majority of the local population, the US goverment egged on by the british goverment, got the un to put imf, world bank sanctions on the Zimbabwaean ecomony and that is the root of the fucked up situation going on in Zim right now

the imf and world bank were created after the second world war by america to help european country's ecomonies which were battered by the second world war, unlike america's which was ok, the infrastructure of europe was in very bad shape, it was fucked, the american goverment started the imf and world bank to help western europe's rebuild ecomony's and rebuld there infrastruture

thats why most western european country's started socialist principles(like free healthcare, free schooling and a welfare state to help people get back onto there feet) mixed wit capitalism after the war to get there populations back onto its feet, because the poverty levels due to the war was crazy

thats why america has more points to this day, in terms of having more posts in the imf, world bank body than other countries, far more. People that are controlled by the white house, in affect being another foreign policy outlet in certain situations

thats why big ecomonies like china and russia don't have much say or posts in these organizations, due to the cold war they only joined recently, even though they have some of the biggest ecomonies on this planet

after the second world war, russia and the eastern european country's under its control, along wit china and cuba later formed there own pact, because the imf was a way of countrys in the west of doing trade, if your country wasn't part of imf, your currensy would go into free fall and your country would collapse(thats what has affectively happened to zim), so the communist country's got there own trading pact together like the warsaw pact, which for 20 years after the second cold war was more affective than the imf, world bank system, to the point were the soviets were more technoligally advanced than the west, they were the first to fly to space, send a animal to the moon and so on son, the first warplane to beat the speed of sound, the mig, you see what i'm saying, nobody was starving in the east, everybody had a job

the problem was russia spent to much emphasis and money on the military, while the west spent money on the military and consumer goods evenly, to the point in the 70s when the west started to take over wit globalisation, which led to the middle classes of the west rising out of poverty in the 80s, but in russia, the overspending on military led to food shortages, public clamouring for consumer goods due to globalization, the russian system couldn't provide and the eventual fall of the berlin wall and the end of the cold war

after this yeltsin took russia to the imf and to new levels of poverty because he opened russia to western style of capitalism to soon after the fall of the old system, he opened russia to US imperialism, which devalued the ruby, putin brought russia back to life, nationalising certain vital resource rich industry's, to the point were in a few decades, if putin type of presidents take control of russia, russia will overtake the US ecomony and be a bigger ecomonic power, thats why bush wants a missile sheild outside russian borders, not for no ramdom terrorist or random state in the middle east, its an attempt to bully russia into backing down and not to get too big for there boots, but putin ain't having it, its like a new cold war or sumthin, thats why you have a scramble for the worlds remaining resources, China and Russia are a big threat to the US goverments standing in this world, ecomonically, the Iraq oil war, wanting to invade Iran for there vast oil reserves,the scramble for resources in Africa, South America and so on and so on

the imf is the real reason for the collapse of the zim dollar and its subsequent ecomony's collapse, without zim being able to function wit imf country's worldwide, witout the sanctions, the zim goverment can't pay for goods or the local population can't pay wit there local currensy, its as simple as that, the zim dollar is worthless outside the imf in this world, no imf country, which is practically the whole world, no country will take payments in local zim currensy, because the central banks of the imf countrys can't change the local zim currensy to US dollars or whatever due to the sanctions, thats what is crippling the zim ecomony

zim can only do barter deals like cuba, which is to exchange goods for goods, not money, that is the effect of not being apart of the system controlled imf, world bank organization when they shut you out