Author Topic: Plies On Track To Sell 250K In First Week, Surprises Fans In Home State  (Read 199 times)


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As far as I know Big Gates Records was started by Plies and his brother, but somebody is taking exception to the very notion. The person that wrote this is Plies’ brother’s baby mother. Wow.

"Ok Ok lets get this shit straight. I am the one who started BIG GATES RECORDS. And for the records I invested the intitial 30,000$ to start the company. And I walked away with nothing because #1 PLIES is a fucking fraud #2 plies and his brother big gates are the two most scandalous people I have EVER met #3 Plies rappin happened by fluke and when him and his brother reliezed how much money was to be made they ran with it #4 they have scammed half of Ft.Myers out of money for bogus ass concerts that they charged for and never had (like 4 times) #5 I lived with plies for like a year with his brother and Plies is the scarriest dude I ever met. #6 plies and big gates dont hang with anyone else cause no one will fuck with them cause they so slimey #7 plies and his brother both practice hoodoo #8 Plies has no real friends in 239 #9 I would never be caught up with BIG GATES RECORDS because of federal tax evasion and because i would never want to stand for like john stated “milli vanilli” rappers. see BIG GATES RECORDS started off with alot of rappers but now only has one Plies and thats because WE DONT FUCK WIT PLIES. and yes the rap game is like chess and the QUEEN runs board and trust I will have the last laugh!!!!!!!!!!!! And for all you fools buying into plies bullshit shame on yall! "

"A couple months ago plies sent me an text message that states “the game is chess not checkers, one wrong move can end your game forever.” I looked at it and laughed because as street as he tries to be he just cant get it together. First off that quote he stole from a rapper from 239 Frank Linium. Second it just goes to show you that this dude had never even player chess cause what fool would send that when any chess player knows that the QUEEN runs the chess board. Lol Im thinking when I got the text is this dude serious? To pretend your are a thug, then steal another rappers line from his music and send that shit to someone. WHat a joke. "

"And all I would have to do is incorporate the Name Big Gates Records and I would have exclusive rights to that name and then I could go to slip n slide and say now pay me. But for what. I dont want to be associated with a flaw ass dude. Nor would I want any proceeds from That money carries his Karma too and I dont want know part of it. Big Gates knows what he owes. If he wants to be slimey and not pay up you suffer consequenses for that. So if you think that they USED me. lol thats funny cause actually looks where everyone is sitting right now. Big Gates in jail in the pod with the crazy people. Plies on career being the biggest wanksta out of florida. And me with a beautiful daughter and and a life where I wake up everyday and call all my shots. So get it straight ehen u bring it. And if you think that its a funny thing saying that someone uses another and callig me out as a white girl, I hope you remember this when its your turn and someone may talk about your daughter or sister or relative and they might be in that situation. I had no reason to worry everything was in my name. I chose to take it out of my name. And I chose not to take them to court. Because Karma is already working right now. Shit Plies had a show last night at a fair grounds with maybe 20 cars in the parking lot. So maybe he aint on fire like everyone thinks. Just food for thought "

"And if you think I just sit on the internet talking about plies you got it fucked up. I work off my computer and I take my computer everywhere I go. So If I happen to see something and I feel the need I respond. But most of the time someone has called me to tell me about a site and to jump on there and see it. Im just not sitting at home researching on plies. I know all I need to know about plies. And to POCOhontaz im not living in the past. If I was living in the past I would be trying to collect and still keep that shit tryin to profit. I live in the present I could give a fuck if Plies reads this shit cause he already knows I feel this way. Him and Big Gates. Ive know plies for years. And its so funny how you say im wasting my breath but anytime plies or big gates make a comment about me its cool. Listen Im a single mother raising Big Gates daughter. Not only did his dead beat ass not pay me back he may have given me a 1000$ in the 3 1/2 years of his daughters life. And any man who doesnt take responsibility for his children is scum on the bottom of my shoe. So when Plies and Big Gates talking shit about they own daughter/niece i got a right to say whatever the fuck i want when i want. "