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CREDITS: Prince - Graffiti Bridge (OST)
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Music From Graffiti Bridge
Paisley Park/Warner Bros., 1990

1. Can't Stop This Feeling I Got

2. New Power Generation

3. Release It
Performed by The Time
Produced, arranged and composed by Prince with Levi Seacer Jr.

4. The Question Of U
Lead voice by Tevin Campbell

5. Elephants & Flowers

6. Round And Round
Lead voice by Tevin Campbell

7. Prince & George Clinton - We Can Funk
Lead voices by George Clinton and Prince
Composed by Prince with George Clinton

8. Joy In Repetition

9. The Time - Love Machine
Performed by The Time
Lead voice by Morris Day
Co-lead by Elisa
Produced and arranged by Prince with Levi Seacer Jr.
Composed by Prince, Levi Seacer Jr. with Morris Day

10. Tick, Tick, Bang

11. Shake!
Performed by The Time

12. Thieves In The Temple

13. The Latest Fashion
Performed by The Time with Prince
Produced and arranged by Prince with The Time

14. Melody Cool
Lead voice by Mavis Staples

15. Still Would Stand All Time

16. Graffiti Bridge
Featuring Mavis Staples and Tevin Campbell
Orchestra arranged by Claire Fischer

17. New Power
Featuring Mavis Staples, Tevin Campbell, T.C. Ellis and Robin Power

Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince except where indicated.