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2008 keystyle (im back bitches)
« on: June 17, 2008, 03:15:26 PM »
this is un-cut Bolivian...flows' unmixed with critalin
have rap fiends tryna get the digits in!!
long term im diggn in for lump sums and dividends
make bare bucks own a big truck on sum michelins!!
but right now listen you feel it's your duty
read the fucking name...the "streets all salute" me!!
came back to keystyle...and i was like "whose he?"
claim's he the the pen they call him cutie!!
if thats over your should focus instead
on the fact respondin back is the road to ya death!!
guess ya'll forgot the best....when i rose and i left
or where u all too stupid to have known my depth??
is he O-Dogg??...or is it Snoop Dogg waxin the lyrical??
fam i dont know his name aint that original!!
ironic me sayin that....yes fam i do hear that
but you was past your least four years back!!
you aint got the bars for killer wit the flow
and Elite was at its best when Sinister run the show
but i aint saying shit really that u dont already know!!
right now im in the mood to drop bomb after bomb
Inf can suck my dick an wipe off his lip wit a page from the Koran
fuck it im gone...........................................