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Takin Da Game
« on: June 19, 2008, 03:16:09 PM »
im out here on the streets fucker, fuck a damn hip-hop cop
my cd off the rack, your shit known to doin a dive like a flip flop
so homie in ya tracks just stop, i get on this mic and i rock
the spot, walk around holdin my crotch like im mick jagger
like a biggie on the mic added with a special kind of swagger
that allows me to stand tall while u just wobble and stagger
and both of my feet are firm and planted on the ground
like cam'ron and kanye west, ya girl is goin down, down
until she get on her knees, never seen a dick like mine
im writin raps in here that are gettin better like fine wine
so fill THIS RIGHT HERE in ya cup and just drink it down
haters get mad when i spit, im smilin and y'all just frown
cause u know im here to take this game away from the fakes
and the rap game filled with 1-minute MC's, some fruit cakes
im goin straight for an hour, cook this up with baking powder
and my voice is so powerful with each rap i spit, it gets louder
the world is hearin it plus my echo is fuckin monumental
and im goin in hoes mouths specially like a damn dental
so dont tongue wrestle with me fool, u get rolled over
and if u throwin a rock at me, fucker i will drop a boulder
thats if its a damn war, cause losing aint a god damn option
boy im takin the game away from y'all like some damn adoption
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