Author Topic: [VIDEO] - 50 Cent Still Has Unreleased Tracks Off Game's 1st Album w/50's Lyrics  (Read 1045 times)


Put em out 50.

Young Old Head

50's so lost *lol* damn... i remember bishop lamont doin a song with khalil which ended up bein one of 50's most recent hits...fuckin hypocrite...

That was just the same beat though, not the same song. 50 created the hooks and structure for the tracks he gave game, he didnt just simply chuck him some beats, he gave him songs.

uh, tha hook is almost the same as the original one, so it ain't just the same beat tho ;)

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you gon always be my latin queen bitch

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so whats he gon do release a album 50 cent present the game!
hes been sayin this shit for years!
damn u still havent logged off...ur hurting everyone with all this wack shit u drop, it hurts more then getting the swine flu
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