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The Royal Prince.....
« on: June 27, 2008, 09:49:50 AM »

Ive been rapping for about 5 years... i do NOT take myself seriously as a rapper even though i get a lot of good feedback from friends and sometimes complete strangers. I have been obsessed with west coast shit for EVER! I have a lot of friends & family that live out in the bay area and i will be moving out there in a few years hopefully when i finish school. I plan on going to a producing school in Albany, NY next year, just a hour an a half from where i live. But now that you know my life story you can check out a few songs of mine, IF YOU WANT! Oh and if you scroll down on the right is a link to my soundclick with hella more songs on it.

NOTICE: ALL these songs are rough drafts... none of these songs were taken seriously when i did them and most arent even songs they are just acapellas i threw over beats and i wrote a half ass hook to them  ;D