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Irv Gotti: The Shadow Man Comes
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This writer first met Irv Gotti many years ago, while doing a story on a hot, but difficult rapper named DMX. At the time, X didnít want to talk because he was tired from recording an album and film, but after an hour or so Gotti somehow got him to talk. Then, an A&R at Def Jam, he was instrumental in getting the Yonkers emcee signed to the monolithic record label. Not long after, Irv brought along another gruffy-voiced rapper Ė this time Ja Rule. It was at this time that he was dubbed ďThe Shadowman,Ē because I realized that he lurked in the background, just outside of the light. All the while, he was pivotal in making the big things happen at Def Jam and most people didn't know it.

The Shadowman now comes to the front.

Things have not been perfect for Irv Gotti through the years, but right about now, he is raining 30-footers in the rap game Ė love it or hate it. Ja Rule. Ashanti. Charlie Baltimore. Murder Inc. Millions sold. With the release of his Compilation, Irv Gotti Presents...a new era begins. AllHipHop talked to Irv about the love, the hate and all things in between. While it may be long, part 1 is just the beginning. Part 2 cometh.

AHH: Can you talk about what you want to accomplish with the album?

Irv Gotti: What I want to accomplish is the success that Iíve been having lately. [laughs]. Just providing the people with some more good music.

AHH: How has the label progressed from the early days, from The Murderers and JaÖto now, you swinging the R&B joint.

IG: Itís progressed, and weíve gotten smarter. We learning how to make better records. From when I first started out to now, itís an ill thing. And itís an understanding of the business a little bit better. Like with each year, each success, you learn more. And with more learning, you start understanding what you need to do to be successful.

AHH: Whatís the main lesson youíve learned since youíve been in the business?

IG: Noting really matters except hit records and the radio playing them hit records. Hit records makes everything great. No hit records, ya fucked up. Hit records, everybody want to sit and talk to you. Everybody wants to give you some fucking money. So I try to stay focused and keep my life real simple. Cause when I was coming up, I didnít really talk to anyone. I was just focused in the studio and making hit records. So sometimes I wonít answer my pager, I wonít talk to nobody. I just stay in the studio and make hit records.

AHH: What about the underground cats? A lot of cats say ďkeep it realĒ and others say ďhit records.Ē What do you aim for, the radio or the art?

IG: Both. I try to make hit records that will do both and be successful. But at the same time, keeping my integrity. I feel with all the records we made, even when we made ďIím RealĒ, with JLo, I donít feel like that was a poppy record. I feel like it was a very soulful record. All my records is black music. So I donít like Iím compromising the integrity of hip-hop or anything. Cause I ainít making no Hammer shit. But even that, fuck it, thatís Hammer.

AHH: What would you say to the critics? Some people are saying you following Puffyís model for business or whatever? Some of the old Bad Boy records have been rehashed.

IG: I mean, music is music. He was killing it. And if ďFlava in Ya EarĒ was a smash then, and I want to sample it, Iím gonna sample it. When we go in the studio to make a record, I donít know what the fuck we gonna do. Understand? If itís gonna be looping flava in ya ear, or coming with some original shit like ďAlways on TimeĒ. I think I have shown a wide range of hit records. I like the space that weíre in right now, cause we do anything. Iím not gonna play out, because I donít have a sound. Like Neptuneís have a sound. They are super talented, but they have a sound. When you hear their joint, you know. Swiss had a sound. I donít have no sound. Timberland has a sound. My shit may sound like the Neptuneís, my shit may sound like Swiss. When me Chick and Seven go in the studio, I donít know what we gonna do. But I know we gonna have a hit.

AHH: Talk about your other producers.

IG: Itís like this. With me, Iím the quarterback. I canít play instruments though. Sometimes I will have an idea, sometimes theyíll have an idea. But both them guys is extremely talented. Like Chink can pick up any instrument, it doesnít fucking matter. He can play it. I just feel so confident when I am in the studio, that we can make smash hits. Cause itís nothing but 3 really talented people in the studio. Then we got writers with Ja, Ashanti, Charli, Caddi. Thatís extremely talented writers that know what they want to and know how a hit records should sound. Itís a real good thing with me and my crew right now. And the fact that we keep posting up #1ís,itís just a stamp that we know what the fuck we doing. Itís a confidence thing thatís very dangerous for me. Cause I am extremely confident right now.

AHH: Speaking of dangerous, you guys used to be called ďThe Worldís Most Dangerous Record LabelĒÖ

IG: We still do sometimes, but I flipped it. ďThe Worldís Most Talented Record LabelĒ.

AHH: What made you do that?

IG: I just feel we are. [laughs] When we are all in the studio together, man, itís a site. Like when the whole Inc, is in the studio together, itís crazy yo. The vibe is so crazy, I get gansta niggas in there saying..Ēman I think I can make a beat..Ē [laughs] When we all in the studio, itís magic man. Itís really magic.

AHH: Talk about Ja for a little bit.

IG: Ja is the franchise. He is Murder, Inc along with me. Itís no one that can ever replace him in my eyes. Like Ashanti can fucking sell 10 million, and donít get me wrong, thatís the Princess, no one can replace her either, but Ja started this shit with me. Understand? I ainít never losing that. He holds a special place with me and he knows that. Thatís my brother, for real. And itís crazy how far heís come. Like Dude, got it. From top to bottom, from performing on stage, heís got it.

AHH: Word is, you pay him pretty well to keep him happy. Jaís got as much money as me. Heís just as paid as me. He might have more money. [laughs]. But we donít watch each otherís money. And Iím never gonna have a riff with him. I gave him a piece of Murder inc. Heís a partial owner of Murder Inc. And he wants his own label, MI2, and Iím getting it for him. And Iím gonna work that label as if it were my label. And the funny thing with it, is Iím his artist.

AHH: huh?

IG: [laughs]. Iím gonna be his artist.

AHH: Word?

IG: [laughs]. Fuck yeah.

AHH: Ok, you gonna have to explain that. So you gonna start rhyming?

IG: Yeah, fuck it, I donít give a fuck. In a minute though. Iím not gonna be rhyming on every recordÖ

AHH: Ok, so what kind of flow do you have right now?

IG: Very simple.

AHH: Thatís whatís up. That shows a lot of brotherhood...

IG: Thatís fucking right. And I want that. Itís important to me. We staying together. Like he may want to dive over here and do something differentÖthatís great! But we staying together.

AHH: Right, no doubt.

IG: See, Juve separates from Cash Money, I donít know if heís gonna do 4 million again. Because maybe he needs to be with Baby and them niggas, just holding it down. I donít know. Same thing with X and Ruff Ryderís. Soon as that riff happened with them, his sales went down. Respect each other.
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Re: Irv Gotti: The Shadow Man Comes
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2002, 09:02:15 PM »
shows Irv in a different light

i dont like em as a label or their music

but i respect Ja, Irv , and the rest of em
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