Author Topic: CREDITS: Papoose - Unfinished Business (The best of Papoose) (Bootleg)  (Read 358 times)


1. DJ Kay Slay Intro
2. Born In Nyc (Produced By N Tellect)
3. License To Kill Feat. Prodigy (Produced By Green Lantern)
4. Corner Store (Produced By Green Lantern)
5. Gun Shy
6. Get That Camera Outta My Face
7. Shoot 'Em Down
8. Stranger
9. Gangsterz Recognize Feat. Jim Jones
10. Who You Know Feat. Mike Jones (Produced By Jwaxx)
11. Hustle Hard (Produced By Green Lantern)
12. Bonnie-N-Clyde Feat. Remy Martin (Produced By Staygettin')
13. Do Or Die Feat. Memphis Bleek
14. In The Bushes Feat. Ghostface (Produced By Green Lantern)
15. Hold The Borough Down Feat. Thug-A-Cation
16. Riding Shotgun Feat. Paul Wall (Produced By Skitzo)
17. Black Girl Lost 2005 Feat. Nas (Produced By Dirty Harry)
18. Mother Nature Feat. Razah (Produced By DJ Kay Slay)
19. Dedication To Justo
20. Monopoly
21. Sharades (Produced By DJ Kay Slay)
22. Chess (Produced By Emil & DJ Kay Slay)
23. I'll Do It For You Feat. Sonja Blade (Produced By The Dreamteam)
24. DJ Kay Slay Outro