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This comes from tha outlawrecordz forum,it's a message from the moderator of the forum.

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-There is a lot of talk about what really went down with the Outlawz and Jerzey Mob.. I got the scoop from YOUNG NOBLE.... so I will bascily explain the situtaion here:

The album was recorded 2-3 years ago.. the album wasnt stolen from Jerzey.. everyone knew the album was coming out.. For anyone to say they didnt know it was coming out.. is NOT TRUE. Everyone IS gonna get PAID when it SELLS some records.. it ONLY sold like 2,000 Recordz... NOBLE has NOT even got ANY CHECKS from this album yet... He LOST money doing this album.. Noble paid for the Full album.. he lost $20,000 doing the Jerzey Mob album and he has NOT recieved ONE check from this... He did it cause they was the Homies.. This album is NOT getting put out on a BIG label.. it's Independent.. so they KNOW that they will get their money will the Album SELLS. Niggaz will get paid.. the album has to sell for them to get paid.. but Nothing has came from this album.. Not ONE check.. The album is not selling... STREET WARZ sold MORE then the Jerzey Mob.. and Noble did Street Warz by himself and out of his trunk. Noble talked with Dirty Bert and Lil D... and as far as people saying Noble didn't call or talk to them.. NOBLE told everyone the album was coming out..

As far as being on the DVD... They KNEW they were gonna be on the DVD... I mean.. they got camera's flashing in front of their face.. and NO ONE came out and said.. TAKE the camera away from me.. I dont want to be on the DVD..

As far as Jerzey Mob being a GROUP... Jerzey Mob IS NOT a Group.. and it NEVER was a Group... the album was a Compliation concept.. it was suppose to bring out NEW Jerzey peepz every year.. The Lawz were gonna put all NEW peepz from Jerzey on the next Jerzey Mob compliation.. and there was gonna be a Cali Mob.. album with a lot of new peepz from Cali and the Outlawz were gonna do something like that for every State...

They should not be complaining.. the Outlawz DONT need their verses.. this was done to get their FOOT in the game.. this was to give them a NAME... this was like FREE promotion.. IF the Lawz didnt put them on their album.. PEOPLE wouldnt even KNOW who they are.. they wouldnt even have NO FANS.. everyone on this FORUM wouldnt even know who ANYONE from Jerzey was... but Jerzey Mob was NOT a group.. it was a CONCEPT... and NO ONE still havn't called yet to ask Noble NOTHING.. except LIl D and Dirty Bert... They dont have to rob no one for a verse or for beats... EDI can do all the beats if that was the case... The Outlawz have tons of verses and songs... everything Noble do.. he saying Jerzey Mob.. Jerzey Mob that.. and doing it out here in Cali... and how many people in the game are giving new peepz a chance like this.. Jerzey Mob is NOT a group.. anyone from Jerzey can claim Jerzey Mob if they young and hot.. it was just some young niggaz from Jerzey... who wouldnt want FREE promotion????!!!!!

AGAIN.. Noble PAID for the entire album.. HE LOST MONEY.. there was NO BUDGET for this album... the album only sold 2,000 copies.. and 2,000 copies didnt even pay for the CD's to get printed up... Noble dont got to backstab niggaz.. Outlawz aint even thinking about this album.. Noble got Street Wars.. and his solo album.. plus he almost done with his NEXT solo album.

Whatever they was suppose to get.. they will get every penny of it.. they know the album got to start selling.. and as a matter of fact.. NONE of them are signed to Outlaw Recordz... This was just to get them a Jump start in the game.. and it's clear it worked, cause people KNOW who they are now.. but instead of doing a CD in Jerzey like they did with the mix tape, they could've called Noble and said what's up.. but just to let everyone know.. Noble is NOT hating that they made that CD... he said that's a good thing.. they can make some cash.. then they should do their thang..

The main peepz on the Jerzey Mob CD are Noble's peepz.. and the rest are Napoleon's peepz.. but the next CD was gonna have all NEW people from Jerzey.. this was done to help get them a foot in the game... and for them to do what they did, is like a slap in the face... and not even try to call and see what's going on themselves.

And IF Fatal did come back and try to start dissing the Outlawz now.. it only make him look like a clown.. cause he was poppin' shit a year or so ago.. then when he got out of jail.. he was the one on the DVD saying there aint shit between the Lawz and Fatal.. and saying this and that.. and if he poppin' shit again.. it only makes him look like he a clown cause he changing up left and right..

But the Outlawz aint mad at no one.. aint there Jerzey Mob beef-
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