Author Topic: Whats up with all these unions coming up ?  (Read 54 times)


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Whats up with all these unions coming up ?
« on: July 13, 2008, 10:19:14 AM »
Sarkozy(King faggot of france) wants to have this  "Union for the Mediterranean" thing.

Some article:

President Nicolas Sarkozy will unveil his grand vision of a Union for the Mediterranean in Paris, but his hoped-for diplomatic triumph may be marred by squabbling about where to put its headquarters.

Details of the 44-member grouping will be announced by Mr Sarkozy at a summit to launch what he hopes will be the centrepiece of France’s European Union presidency. Yet one important detail is missing: the new organisation does not have a home.

North African leaders are fighting to get the headquarters of what some have nicknamed “Club Med” located on their soil. Even though the secretariat will be small to begin with, all the countries concerned are aware of its potential to grow.

Malta, Spain and the French city of Marseilles have also staked a claim to the headquarters. A French diplomat said: “This is not going to be settled at the summit. There is tension between the Maghreb countries, they are very jealous.”

One likely outcome is for the secretariat to move to Tunisia. A base in an important non-EU nation is the favoured option. Tunis could be an acceptable compromise for Morocco and Algeria, which are bitter rivals.

The new grouping will link 15 mostly Mediterranean countries, including Israel, with a combined population of 279 million, to the EU’s 27 member states and 495 million citizens. Away from the choreographed events, which will be attended by Gordon Brown, there will be arguments and deal-making.

President Sarkozy’s original dream was for a new body, supported by the EU and taking in all the nations around the shores of the Mediterranean.

Its creator believes it will draw Europe closer to its poorer southern neighbours and ensure billions of euros are spent on their infrastructure and environmental projects. But the attempt to set up the union has sparked rows and claims that France is trying to reassert its influence in the region while expecting the EU to foot the bill.

Mr Sarkozy has had to water down his plans since he announced them halfway through a French election campaign. The southern countries expected generous spending if they joined, but the new body is now expected to have less cash than was hoped for and today’s declaration is expected to consist more of vague platitudes than firm pledges.

In March, Mr Sarkozy lost a fight with Angela Merkel, pictured, over his plans and was forced to agree to membership being widened to include northern EU states, including Britain.

He also had to change the proposed name of Mediterranean Union because it was seen as too similar to the European Union, and had to guarantee to Germany that spending would not be switched from eastern Europe to the south. He has also had to reassure Turkey that the Union for the Mediterranean is not intended to give it a second-rate alternative to full EU membership.

Last week, Libya’s leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, denounced the new body as colonialism reborn and raised fears that it would provoke a terrorist backlash.

A less lurid concern is that it will never amount to more than an expensive French pet project which could produce more bureaucracy. Under its predecessor, the so-called Barcelona Process, the EU spent nearly €6 billion (£4.8 billion) in about seven years in North Africa and the Middle East. This year, the House of Commons’ European Scrutiny Committee raised questions about the spending.

Among the projects Mr Sarkozy hopes to get off the ground through the new grouping are efforts to clean up pollution in the Mediterranean, and solar power programmes in North Africa.

There is no plan to make the EU more open to immigration from its southern neighbours; billions will be spent on developing their infrastructure, in the hope that if their economies develop there will be less illegal immigration.


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Re: Whats up with all these unions coming up ?
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