Author Topic: “MAX B: All They did Was Get Me Wavy”  (Read 92 times)


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“MAX B: All They did Was Get Me Wavy”
« on: July 24, 2008, 04:19:56 AM »
With buzz circulating about a near-death shooting aimed at Harlem rapper Max B last night in New York, SOHH spoke with the former Dipset affiliate to find out what really went down.

As previously reported by SOHH NYC, a press release was issued today claiming he was scheduled to perform at Hot 97’s Who’s Next concert Tuesday evening (July 22) at SOB’s but before hitting the stage a disruption occurred.

“I heard a shot and then n*ggas cleared the room,” Max told SOHH. “I had my shades on so I ain’t really see who let off the shot. N*ggas want me dead, I don’t know who, but you know, everybody want me dead. They want the Biggavelli out the game - I’m about to take over the game so they want me out.”

Claiming the incident was just “a regular day at work,” Max saw the event as a bad move on the shooter’s behalf due to the extra publicity he’s receiving.

“Obviously whoever shot wasn’t trying to shoot me, they was too scared to shoot me so they just made it look like they was doin’ something big,” he added. “All they did was get me wavy, get me extra interviews and have everybody talk about where

In addition to the exposure received from the shooting, Max spoke on his new Wavie Crockett mixtape with Big Mike and a mistaken shout-out to Jim Jones’ Byrd Gang on one of the tracks.

“Shout-out to Big Mike,” he said. “I had to bring it back to the game. I brought it back to the essence. I distinctly shouted-out Byrd Gang in the middle of one of my songs by mistake. I am not a Byrd Gang affiliate.”

Despite no longer working with long-time partner Jim Jones, Max expressed gratitude to the Byrd Gang leader “for the opportunity” and wished them along with The Diplomats the best of luck with their careers.