Author Topic: my Hebrew recordz- to all the peepz who heared\or  (Read 180 times)


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my Hebrew recordz- to all the peepz who heared\or
« on: July 04, 2002, 11:25:32 PM »
havent heared..... ;D     well, I got some tight feedback on my first hebrew track(which is btw finished now-not a 40 second snippet no more ;D) also from people who don't even speak hebrew and just digged my hebrew flow(which is diffrend from my english flow), so I'm thinkin of adding some Heberew+english mixed tracks, to the album, my Hebrew shit goes  best wit Dark beats, i remember my man Phiasko sugjesting to do a hebrew track over his beat- so holla if u reading this, also-any other producerz dat heared and wanna help out wit beats, or ones that never heared my Hebrew shit and wanna know what I'm talking bout, and whaz da big deal... Holla. I'd aprisiate it.

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Re: my Hebrew recordz- to all the peepz who heared
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2002, 04:36:16 PM »
yeah i think both were ill :o
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