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Here is the deal on my page and me
« on: May 02, 2002, 10:17:53 AM »
My page is well I spent 3,000 hours on it.Basically so that any artist can get on it and find out in 3 seconds or less how to do whatever they want about the music business.My page has numbers on it like Fred Durst and Jermaine Dupri and it is suppose to be used by you guys,thats what it is there for.You want to know how to make a movie,look at my page,shit we even have how to get the money to do it on there and best of all the info is free.These two artists,are using me because I am what you call a free promoter.In other words,until my business gets off the ground I do not intend to charge anything until my business is a little more established.Actually Eric didn't charge anything to any of his artists and the club mimics him,so thats part of the reason why we don't charge.I send some albums out to fans that can't get a hold of them because you have to make the game available to everyone,and there is a few other things the club does.As we get bigger,we intend to do better things.Sid will be leading us in this endeavor.Right now we are paying attetnion to Sid's music career,once we get that going,we will be on the playing feild and God help anyone who gets in the way!!!!!!!!!;)
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