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Tebo, This Dude Is A Producer, I Saw His Comment On Bloody Mary´s Myspace He Said "hay bloody i miss you baby,the shit dont seem real im stuck i love you,we talked about all kinda shit.i will never forget when you had me come to the studio when you were on death row,man we had a good time & da song was( aint no sunshin when ninas gone)well you got dat shit right suge never paid me 4 dat work,oh well dat ones on da house.I MISS YOU" then i messaged him i got answers.

Me: So Can You Tell Me More About Bloody Mary..s Death Row Time, Album (Songs,Features,Producers,etc.) And About Nini (RIP) In General?Please Reply I..m Making A Blog About Death Row And I Want To Have Infos About Her Too Since There..s Not Much Information About That Great Rapper.

Tebo: Bloody was a tru friend,we were down like fo flat tiers.she had a short stay with the row.....95-96.she had me & resse-cup a east palo alto rapper come to L.A & lace the song "aint no sun shine when nina's gone".i played bass & g-tar resse rocked 16,the song was off the hook but we cuold not get a copy of the track.suge was all about pac & snoop he put her shit to da side & she was'nt hav'in dat.after a while she moved to E.P.A. & me & PROHOEZAK STARTED PRODUCTION on her c.d. P.M.S. (PLAY MY SHIT) ON TAYLER MADE RECORDS.BUT IT NEVER HIT THE STREETS....THAT WAS THE STORY OF HER LIFE DOING SHIT THAT NEVER CAME OUT.

Me: did bloody mary know pac?
who was resse?does he something out?
did bloody mary collaborate with some inmates of death row?
was there an album recorded for death row?
was she signed to death row?
if yes, why did suge sign her if he wasnt goin to put out her shit anyway?(thats the shit he did with lotta DOPE artsits.
can you hook me up with something by bloody?i dont wanna leak it.
what you know about redrum..s time on death row?

Tebo: sup dogg.yep bloody was signed to the row,a rapper she called rick james brought her to suge,he had been lookin 4 her. he gave 12g's & she went to work.redrum & bloody were tight i didnt know him but she talked about him alot.resse-cup is a lady rapper i started working with @ age 7 shes 23 now & still dope,her & bloody were tight.i dont know how many tracks the row had done on bloody but she did know pac & snoop,she would see dem in the studio & just node she was 2 kool 2 jock.she worked wit storm, rated r, & some more rappers from the row that suge never put out...

Bloody Mary aka Nini X aka Nina Ross-Blood In Peace,Girl!


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Great interview Physco. Check your P.M.'s.


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drop your thoughts.

P.S. interview will be continiued as soon as i get the answers to my ohter questions.